Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Barnacle check

FL day

Breakfast was great at John G’s yesterday; the company was as well.  Long time friends Terry and Lynn met us there.  We took Bill and Barbara with us (they LOVE that place, too), and we discovered that Terry and Bill have something in common—karaoke!  Those two boys are gonna have a play date soon. 

Then it was time for our annual visit to the dermatologist for “barnacle” check.  We both had several pesky spots that needed freezing off, however I had one place and MM had two that looked a little suspicious that were scraped (more like scooped!) for analysis.  It’ll be a couple of weeks before we know anything.

We are both at the patching stage of life, but are grateful for the patching skills.

Today is beautiful ahead of 3…note that…3 approaching cold fronts.  Sheesh.  You’d think this is winter.  Oh.  It is.  Snow predicted in Mayberry tomorrow.  Have I mentioned we love Florida in the winter?

Usual stuff going on today.  And that is A-OK.

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

Life is good, y’all.  Bundle up…and line up your target!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i have andre' this morning and then i'm free. well until poker. but still, i'll be enjoying the outdoors all afternoon.

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

We are having a lot of warm here too. High 60s every afternoon. We came home from the boat and it felt like spring. We've not had any rain and that's not good. Looking at a horrible drought this year.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Barb and the Gs said...

I saw barnacle" and the photo of Dick and thought, "Barnacle Bill?"

Barnacle Barb is never good, for sure. I have so many age spots and then I had some new skin tags that just popped up while Lynda was her. Old is not always so much fun. srsly.

But Jogn Gs.... always good!

Carry on! big hugs xoxo

Jean(ie) said...

Warmer temps here and some cloudiness. So it'll get better soon. Enjoy!
P.S. LOVED the quote. I'll have to remember that ;)