Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Missing truck key…you are not here, where we had lunch a couple of times, because MM was wearing shorts here.IMG_0194

Perhaps you are under the bed?  Or in the couch cushion?  Will you be found?  Not that it will do us any good, being so far separated now.

Yep, about an hour into our flight home, MM patted his jeans pocket and realized the truck key was NOT in there.  Nor was it in his backpack.  We entertained folks emptying his suitcase (after we got past customs, of course) and shaking all the items.  Still no key.  Rut roh. 

We rented a car and drove home.  Who knew that we should have called a mobile key service right then and there?  MM assumed that a car dealership was the only place that could make a replacement programmable key.  They can, but they have to have the vehicle physically THERE to make a key.  And if you are having two keys made, they BOTH have to be made at the same time (because of that programming part).  Who knew???

And we had only the ONE key for that truck (it was bought very used).  Don’t ever do that, ppl!  Always have a spare key.  And I never once reminded MM that I had told him to get an extra key.  Yep, he’s got himself a good woman. 

We have two new ignition keys…and a new door key…and life goes on……….with the wallet considerably lighter.

Please note:  consider this a valuable (cheap) public service announcement.  You can thank me later.

So today I am playing Betty “Chopper” in the kitchen, getting stuff ready to take with us tomorrow.

Hopefully this was our only mis-adventure this year!  Life is good and never dull, y’all!


Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Actually, I did know. When I bought my 2nd Towncar (4 years old) it only had one key. I drove it to the dealership to have 2 programed keys made. Not cheap. But not nearly as expensive as renting a car and THEN doing it. Bugger.

You are a good woman, and man, dont he know it, too.

Dad is Buddy Chopper in our house. That's his morning assignment tomorrow. :)

Have yourself a perfectly lovely nont lose anything today kinda day! big hugs xoxo

Lisa said...

Rut roh!

Lesson learned. At least you can laugh about it. That's why you guys are so awesome. Flow with the go. Move forward and don't sweat it.

Happy chopping....

Joy said...

I surely didn't know. My car isn't that new! But my daughter's is, and I will remind her again to get some extra keys made. Happy chopping!

Sandee said...

We always have two sets of keys for each vehicle. You just never know. Well now MM knows. You are indeed a good wife.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny California. :)

Jean(ie) said...

He must've missed that day in Sunday school when they went over the verse that "Thine wife is always right!" Hubby missed that day, too!

Glad y'all are squared away now.

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!

When we drive away G. has the first key and I have the second key in my handbag...it never happend, we lost the key, we had luck!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving Day!!!

Big hugs!!!

Haley D. said...

That was undoubtedly a fun adventure with him! LOL Glad HE lost the key, not you!!!!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

i have a plan. i have a door pad with a code to get into the car and inside well hidden is a spare key.

hugs, bee