Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday rolling

Plans change quickly with the Griswolds, so we were lucky the Grebowskis were flexible and could meet us for dinner last night instead of tonight as planned.

We had a fab time talking and laughing while enjoying dinner at a new steakhouse. And the cameras...stayed unused:(. Bad bloggers! I had intended to post an old photo o us, but we couldn't connect at the cg this morning, so we just hit the road.

We are now in KY, listening to the Tour, with Sevierville TN our destination. We like the overcast weather.

More miles and smiles. Hugs to Lois and Hank. Life is good when it is filled with good family and good friends. We are blessed!

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Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

buggers i wish i had been there last night! and i love severeville, there is a great campground right next to the sleep in, our friends would camp there and we'd stay at the inn. then we'd eat dinner at corkey's one night and the catfish house the next. love that place!

smiles, bee

Lisa said...

Oh, I want to hug a grebowski! Lucky ducks. Sevierville is great. We always pass through on our way to Pigeon Forge each September. So much to see and do in that area. I am hoping to check out the Douglas Dam this year. And find other areas we have yet to discover. Any suggestions?

Safe travels!!!!

barb @iPhoneographi said...

Hugging friends is the best. No cameras - Silly bloggers. :D I've never even heard of Sevierville. I need to get out more, clearly!

Big hugs xo

Janelee said...

You're close to the 'Boro, but probably not close enough. And it is HOT in TN - hit 100 yesterday -- today just as bad. Good thing you will be in the mountains - maybe it will be a little bit better! Of course, you'll be there with all of the other visitors!!!

Sandee said...

I wish we could have been there too. All of us that were on the cruise being there would have been grand. I was so hoping to meet Hank and Lois. I'm glad you got to have dinner with them. Excellent.

Have a terrific day on the road honey. Love and hugs from sunny California. :)

Anonymous said...

Back atcha, Griswolds.

By the way we were still laughing this morning at the mental picture of Dick driving the wrecked church bus.


Haley D. said...

Big wheels keep on turnin'! See you soon!

ivana said...

Ciao cara Sandy
(I thought I had already posted my comment...hurg)
I wish you a good voyage!!!!

Big hugs!!!