Friday, July 29, 2011

Here a moose, there a moose…

Mama moose waltzing through the campground in mama moose2Alaska where Dan and Joan were staying…

And not too far behind were these two babies…baby moose 2probably thinking---wait up, mom!  Our legs are short!!!



We had that happen to us in a campground at Lake Louise back in ‘89 when we were camping with the kids in our Airstream.  You don’t want to tangle with any of these guys!  They are not cuddly at all.

Not much going on here in paradise, other than trying to stay cool…and entertain our own two short-legged boys today.  Scooter’s favorite question is why??? 

Because I said so is frequently my answer!

Grammie is the BOSS!

Happy Friday, y’all!


ivana said...

Buongiorno Sandy-Boss!!!

How long?

I think I do not want such mooses in my garden!!!!
Have a great Friday with you kids!!!

See you!
Big hugs!!!

Barb said...

I have a few lingering dust collectors that I have been trying to clear outta here, and one of those things just happens to be my stuffed Boyd's Moose. Which I l♥ve... but hate to dust. As a matter of fact, not 12 hours ago I finally tossed out a Boyd's Bear that has been collecting dust in my bathroom. I still have 2 sister Boyd's Bears... those will be extry-hard to toss. I'm working up the conviction.


Grammie is always the BOSS! Yesirree!

Big hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

I see an airstream! Moose are fascinating... Have a great day... I'm catching up on my sugah baby time.

Haley D. said...

I think I remember an elk walking through our campground, but either way, it was definitely a new experience! Tell Scooter that he's my boy!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

somehow i'm not so sure grammy is the boss with the wee ones! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

No you don't want to mess with moose at all. They are mean, huge and very, very strong.

What Empress Bee said honey. You are a real pushover where those wee ones are concerning. I know because I'm just as big a pushover. It's what makes Grandmas so very special. Just saying.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny and hot California. :)