Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What’s in YOUR wallet?

Dick found out the hard way when he forgot to remove his wallet from his jeans before putting them in the dirty clothes pile.   I opened the washer door to remove the permanent press items, and out popped a photo of g/dtr #2, followed by photo of g/dtr #1, then a black wallet.  And some wadded up paper.  Not a good sign, especially when the following items were missing:

…his driver’s license (who’s gonna drive the rig to NH, then to GA?  Not me!)

…his Golden Eagle Senior Pass (he can live without that for now)

…his pilot’s license (doesn’t need that one any time soon)

So, what to do?  Where are these  hard plastic items???  They are not caught in the rubber gasket.  Surely they did not fall down that itty bitty space between the drum and the gasket?  Yep.  That’s exactly what happened.  They spun, hit the door, then fell. 

It took a flashlight, a bent coat hangar, my assistance with my jewelry tweezers, and MANY tries to fish all 8 (yes, there were 8 missing cards found, not 3) up and out of their hiding place.  Maybe MM learned a good lesson, bless his heart.

At least the drizzle ended for a few hours yesterday, then began again about the time we arrived at the Elk’s Lodge in Spokane.  Bill and JeanAnn Miller are members, so they got to sponsor us and Paul/Betsy Hughes as guests for the evening.  Who knew you could camp for cheap at an Elk’s Lodge???  And get an inexpensive meal, plus entertainment.  Sign us up!

So this morning we say farewell to our friends and will be on the road again.  I'm not sure where we’ll end up, but it will be a good adventure I am sure.  And we will enter Mountain Time.  That sounds good to me!

Come along for the ride…


Barb said...

Well, don't look at me. I'm not driving that huge thing! I'm glad you found the licences, et al... that would have been a Major Payne.

Does your Elks have a Bingo with the Biddies? Just wondering.

Big hugs :)

And Miles To Go... said...

awww, that is a shame about losing the pictures too. We had the same thing happen with a few screws and (I'm assuming you have a front loader also) our drum stuck and we had to call a repairman! Have a great Wednesday.

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
A new adventure, that can happen to us in our washer has known some documents of us...unfortunately!

Have a great travel back!

Joy said...

Glad that story had a happy ending...but oh, my, I'm sure it was nerve-wracking in the process!
Happy travels today.

Linda said...

I can just see Dick having to explain to the police officer that pulled him over that he has a license, it's just not on him at the moment! Not that I expect he'd get pulled over but that's definitely one of those Murphy's Laws things. Glad to hear he could take the washer apart and retrieve the cards and I'm sure he'll doublecheck his pockets from now on!

Safe travels as you continue heading East!

Sandee said...

What Linda said. Looks like it turned out okay, well except for the pictures. It's been a very long time since this has happened at our house. I hope it never does. One thing for sure there is never a dull moment with you two. Just saying.

Have a terrific and safe day out on the road. Big hug. :)

Elenka said...

You're lucky you figured out where those things were!!
Have a good trip.

Traci said...

At least he didn't do like Eli did and lose his whole wallet with everything in it...

jc said...

Are you sure you'll be home in time for the Blogger's cruise in Feb?? Can't wait to read more of your travels.


Haley D. said...

Thank goodness everything was found and retrieved- more or less safe and sound. The pictures can be replaced, and in fact I think I have some new ones you don't have. See you soon (or at least a lot sooner than it's been)!

Lisa Ceaser said...

Yikes! We've done that a few times in my house. Probably one of the reasons we don't keep pictures in our wallets anymore.

Happy travels.

Zane D. Clark said...

At least he took the pants off before putting them in the washer.

jams o donnell said...

Been there and done that! I hope your trip is going well