Saturday, September 4, 2010

Not so pretty sight to see…


We don’t like seeing the coach in the shop, but here it is, in the bay of the Cummins place.  At least it isn’t stuck on the side of some desolate road.

They have finally isolated the problem…a nut holding a $5 part wasn’t tight enough, and that set off the chain of unfortunate events that has us grounded in Cheyenne.  Bugger.

We’ll stick around here today and perhaps finally do some local sightseeing.  Dick actually ran into John and Karen from our caravan yesterday morning in Home Depot!  Dang…I missed seeing them, but Karen called me and we had a nice chat.  She recommended a great place for seafood over in Laramie, so we may wind up there for dinner tonight.

Dick said the good news is that this problem caused him to find that air intake hose that was loose, and that alone could have caused MAJOR engine damage.  There is always a silver lining to every cloud…if you look for it.

So now we’ll go have some fun…and wait…and wait, probably Friday is when we will be able to get back on the road.  Bugger.

Come along with us and see where we wind up next.  We are gonna have some fun!


Haley D. said...

Silver linings and lemonade abound! We are still so thankful it wasn't worse. Enjoy your layover!

Barb said...

NOT on the side of a desolate road is the biggest silver lining! I do remember thinking when you started out on this journey "at least they tow their car along, just in case." You know, just in case the moho breaks down at least you can still go for help yourselves and not be at the mercy of some serial killer psycho freak.

A week in Cheyenne... could definitely be worse!

big hugs :]

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well at least you won't get thirsty, what with all the lemonade you had to make honey. rats...

smiles, bee

Elenka said...

Good luck with that. The heat wave has broken, gonna be in the low 50's at night and 70's day time.
Have a good trip.

Sandee said...

You'll make the best of it because that's just who you are. I've always known that.

Enjoy snooping around in a new place and enjoy that dinner in Laramie. Sounds good. Big hugs. :)

And Miles To Go... said...

I can see the silver lining in that post. You met up with great friends! Hope it gets fixed soon.

Linda said...

I just caught up on your previous posts and engine trouble that have you waylaid in Cheyenne for a bit of a spell. As you said, there is a silver lining to that cloud and that's good just like it's good that you didn't break down somewhere in the middle of Wyoming with miles and miles of nothing both in front of and behind you. Having driven through there myself, I know there's a lot of both!

I had to laugh when you said that you were going to a good seafood place for dinner in major cattle country! I think I'd be finding a good steakhouse myself!

Enjoy your stay and just remember that you're at a much higher altitude so breath easy and don't ogle all the cowboys!