Friday, September 3, 2010

Broke(n) down in Cheyenne

But, it could have been worse.  We could have been in the middle of nowhere; we could have had an accident (one deer narrowly missed us the other night); and any other scenario you can think of that is not good.  We are just trying to make lemonade out of our pile of lemons.

Long story short, the moho engine has an ‘owie.’  A serious owie.   Hopefully all of the parts for an “inframe overhaul” (whatever that is, but Dick sez that is what it needs), consisting of a new head and turbo, plus an exhaust manifold, will be here tomorrow.  We paid a bunch of money for those things, and they dang well better show up and show up SOON.  Monday is a holiday and the shop will be closed.  Great.  We had plans to be in NH on Thursday, and plans before that to visit friends in Ohio.

Our life is now on hold.  We’ll know a little more today, then decide how and where to proceed.  This is life on the road and we just deal with it.  We found a pet-friendly motel, and Missy is grateful for that and has settled down.  She does not like riding in cars and let us know it yesterday on the ride around town trying to find a place to stay.  She immediately sniffed out every square inch, found her bed, and took a nap.  I refused to let her have the remote, and she was sure sniffing it.

We obviously don’t know how we are now spending our weekend, so please tell me about yours.

Life is…still good…and certainly never dull, y’all!


Traci said...

Awww, but like you said, it could be worse. Thinking about y'all! Workin' 'round the house this weekend...things that HAVE to be done!

Lisa Ceaser said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear of the engine owie. Sounds like a big job, hope you found a good mechanic!

Our weekend plans include shopping tonight for vacation (hubby needs clean tshirts and shorts to pack), Saturday evening is a neighborhood bbq, and Sunday I am doing a bridal portrait session and PACKING! Monday morning, early we're off to VA beach and on to TN on Wednesday! Can't wait.

Hope you can make your visits and keep trucking!

Barb said...

Gracie is the remote Goddess around here. She and Missy would get along fine.

Weekend plans? None, and don't it feel good after 12 days of eery day planned! There will likely be a grill and some burgers in my future and not much else. Well, laundry, but there's always that!

Big hugs :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

ouch! that sucks but like you said, at least you are someplace that can fix it. rats.

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Bummer...That really sucks. Hanks says "oh no, that IS major stuff!"

I know there's some historical RR stuff in Cheyenne. You could even toodle down to Colorado for something to do.

Sandee said...

At least you broke down in the right place. I hope you get things fixed and get back on the road soon. I know your plans are all up in the air now.

Tell Missy that things will be fine and that she cannot have the remote as that's Dicks remote.

We are going to the boat today with a ton of non-perishable items for next weekends Commodore's picnic. A. Ton. We'll load all that on the boat so all we have next Thursday is the meat for the BBQ. Makes it much easier to do it two weekends in a row than try to do everything in one weekend. Back breaking.

Then we are going to take down all the screens on the boat and put our isinglass back up. Next weekend is supposed to be in the low to mid 80s and the screens make it pretty cold at night and early morning.

So to answer your question...we are pretty much working this weekend and next weekend too.

Have a terrific day. I know you will make the most of your situations. Big hugs all around. :)