Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm can't see me...

Missy spied the kitty carrier and knew she didn't want any part of that nonsense! It means car travel (she is a moho gal, remember?); it means pain (shots!). She has a good memory.

But she also can't resist the noise of the food container being shaken, because that means DINNER!

Food won out over fear. She is now up-to-date on shots and is in perfect health, and still dainty at 9.1 pounds. I knew you'd want to know that.

I did put a clasp on the necklace that was almost finished, but that was as far as I got to playing yesterday. I did do a little bead sorting and storing, just to straighten up the mess. Life just got in the way, but that is normal around here, and that is perfectly OK with me.

So today precious Sarge is having that last C demon removed. Part of a lung must go, and go it shall and he will be healed. Please say some prayers and good thoughts for him and Bee and the whole medical team. We don't want a repeat performance of this act! That curtain is gonna close forever!!! They have cruises and fun in their future, not more medical stuff. Period.

Treat each day as the gift that it is. Life is good, y'all!


ivana said...

My thoughts and prayers are all for Sarge and Bee!
I wish a great work of the medical team, and i hope we read his blog soon!!!

A big hug, for Miss Missy too!!!

Sandee said...

Missy is one smart girl for sure. I'm glad dinner won out though. She has to have her shots. She just doesn't know that.

I've had Sarge and Miss Bee in my prayers all day and that will remain so. You are right they have cruises to do and that's that.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Missy, I'd be hiding too! Glad ur back home and away from the V-E-T.

Linda said...

I think dinner would win me over, too, even if shots were involved!

Keeping Sarge and Bee uppermost in my thoughts today and not getting a whole heck of a lot of anything else done it seems. Been one of those days I'm afraid!

Barb said...

Missy, is one smart kitty! I only have one who fights me on the carrier. Thankfully, the other 3 are easy and mellow about it.

I've got Charlie, Miss Bee and the entire medical team in my prayers. Hoping to hear an update soon.

Big hugs xo

Joy said...

That is such a funny picture of Missy, smart kitty that she is. Glad she is all checked out for another year! Have been thinking about Bee and Charlie all day and sending prayers up for them. Hugs...

Haley D. said...

Peekaboo! Missy, we see you!

Please keep us updated on Sarge. Prayers their way!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

you know i am so tired i can barely type. just exhausted. but the prayers are working and i want to thank you honey!

smiles, bee