Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday not-so-fun day

Say cheeseburger! Our dancing monkey, um, doll did well yesterday in front of her whole school. I would NEVER have done such a thing at that age. Never.

The wee boyz enjoyed their 'wheels' more than the dancing, but they did like seeing their cousin dance in her part! We sat with Haley and her class, convenient on the top bleacher so the boyz could run around behind us in the aisle. And have car races.

My big boy is still not doing so well with his back, so we are seeing two different doctors next week to get a first and a second opinion out of the way. He can't get comfortable anywhere, poor thang. You know what we would do to him if he were a horse!
Today is sunny and beautiful, so we had better enjoy it before the rainy cold front hits us tomorrow. Sheesh. We have to take the good (rain settles the pollen) with the bad (cold). Come on MAY...and having Spring stay put!
Friday is lobster bisque day, so I'm getting the patient off the couch and taking him into town for a change of scenery and a visit with friends (relief for moi?!) hehe
Enjoy your Friday, y'all! Say NO to back pain and YES to Brian's house closing at 2p (we hope; we pray)!!!


Linda said...

I couldn't perform in front of people either - especially considering I have no talent when it comes to either dancing or singing! Props to your wee monkey!

Poor Dick, don't shoot him just yet - hopefully there's a doctor out there who can get him some help and comfort. My best thoughts to him and prayers for some relief!

ivana said...

No, No, No to Back Pain!!!!!!
Yes, Yes, Yes to Brian's house closing at 2p.....

So, enjoy your lobster bisque in the town, with Dick!!!!

Big. hugs!!!

Sandee said...

Sorry Dick isn't doing much better. Back pain is just the worst. You can't do most anything when your back is acting up. I hope there is some relief in the very near future. Yes, I know what happens to horses.

I still have my fingers and toes crossed for Brian's house to close.

Have a terrific day and weekend honey. We are off to the boat for the weekend. Big hug. :)

Barb said...

Poor Dick. Back pain sux.

My sister Lynda and I took multiple dance classes a year with our cousins from K-8th grades and we had all the obligatory recitals. It never occurred to me to be nervous! They also did not make me graceful or even a good dancer! Oops.

My sister Tina has had her daughter Leann in dance class for many years now, too. It's much more expensive now then waaay back then! =0)

Good for your dancing monkey! Is that a headset she's wearing? Yikes! I'm glad we didn't have to sing, too!

Big hugs xo

Joy said...

I know Macey was glad to have her own personal cheering section yesterday! Saying prayers that the house will close w/no hitches - lmk when you hear. And so glad you can see all the docs next week.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

Oh my... I am commenting from the iPad!! You are the first, my virgin comment!

Hope the dickster feels better soon honey.

Smiles, bee