Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring green

I promised Linda a green fibre art scarf, and friend Judy had to have her appendix removed, and her favorite color is green, so I got creative and decided that it was just as easy to make TWO green scarves as it is to make one. Right?

Easy it was, since I had all the makings strewn across the bed. Drap yarns/ribbons on one hook; drap yarns/ribbons on the second hook. One clean up!

Well, it was good in theory, but it still takes about an hour to make one, so this was a two-hour project. But still only one clean up, so that was a good thing. And both gals seemed to love their gifts, so that pleases me. Everybody is happy. And the knots are really not lopsided...they are hanging sorta crooked. Seriously. The end.

Dick and I are empty nesters again. Brian and his two white kitties moved out today. Missy is happy, since his girls did not like her and she did not like them. Missy rules!

Spring has been sluggish in arriving, but each day now is getting prettier and warmer. We'll be wanting to open up all the windows soon. And then complain about all the pollen. But we aren't complaining about the sweet greens and colorful flowers that are beginning to pop out. Bring it on!

Life is good. May you each have a Happy Easter!


Linda said...

Honestly, pictures just do not do these scarves justice as they are just so very pretty in person! I had to laugh when I first saw how long mine was but then got to thinking that it was the perfect length to loop around my neck and have a bit of a cowl drape to it while bringing both ends towards the front - all without feeling like I'm choking myself in the process! I can't wait to wear it - thank you again!!

I hope that you and Dick have a very blessed Easter and that the peace of the day fills your hearts and souls.

Barb said...

I love the scarfs! You'll have to post instructions again on making them, as I seem to remember that you did once.

Wishing you and Dick and Missy a Happy Easter! Big huhs xo

Sarge Charlie said...

I saw your handy work at linda's place, you are a true southern bell.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

very pretty!!!!

happy easter!

smiles, bee

ivana said...

Ciao cara Sandy!!!

Buona Pasqua di Pace!!!

Pretty scarfs...i love this pastell colors!!!
Spring brings so many flowers and grren, so we rae happier with the nature!

Happy Easter to your Family!!!!