Thursday, August 20, 2015

TBT–Sweet Sven


Summer '15 001

This is Sven, our Swiss exchange student.  I think we were putting him on the plane to go home after living with us from ‘93-‘94.  He sadly died in ‘96, but we all did fly over a couple of times to visit with him and his family in the intervening years, and have been back to see his dad.

We still miss our Sven-ie.

But life goes on, complete with ever so many changes since 1996.  My heart will always hold my sweet, Swiss son in a special place.  He loved, loved Mayberry.  And us.

Good memories.

Share some hugs and smiles today with those you love.


Barb said...

How bittersweet. I have some friends who hosted foreign exchange students for decades. They absolutely loved it!

Hope you're cooler than we are here in south jawjah. Ack. big hugs xoxo

Brian said...

I think of him often too. I see my old car and looks like a pager on my side. That's a throw back! Let me know if you have or hear from Addie. My brodder, sadly not with us.

Beate said...

What a wonderful and sad story at the same time. I'm so happy he was able to get to know you and you got to know him. Such a sweet memore. I'm so sorry for your loss even though it's been so long. I'll make sure to hug my loved ones especially tight today.
Have a wonderful weekend! A big long hug to you,

Sandee said...

How sad and so very young. You did a wonderful thing having him though. That's just how you roll.

Have a blessed day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Joy said...

Bittersweet memories - but I hope the sweet ones are in the majority. Hugs!