Thursday, August 6, 2015

Family tradition


Xander, Ella

Some of you are wondering about my cycling nephew, since his blog has been pretty quiet lately… 

His last post was July 9, but that doesn’t mean he is frozen in time!  Not hardly.  He was steadily pedaling through lots of “no service” areas and unable to post.  He had a deadline to get to Oregon in time to meet his dad, just E of Portland, last Saturday.  They both made it…and have been having a blast together with friends and family this week.  Bob wanted to help celebrate Xander’s 20th birthday on the 4th.  Happy Birthday, Xander!  You will definitely remember this particular birthday.  Continue to enjoy your long ride…with the darling Miss Ella!

Speaking of birthdays, a big happy birthday to baby sister Nan (grandmother of Xander)!  Our Mother had a tradition of calling (far too early) on our birthdays, and singing the HB song to us kids.  Nan and I have carried on that tradition to each other (at a more reasonable hour of the morning) each year since her death.  Nan missed my call today.  I left her a VM on her phone.  I’m sure she listened, laughed…and promptly hit DELETE.  It’s the thought, not talent, that counts, right?!  It’s a family tradition.  I will see your face soon, but until then…ta da…Smile!



Life is a one-time offer.  Use it well.

Let’s do it!


Linda said...

Great post and I especially like the comment at the end of your post.

Jean(ie) said...

Happy birthday Xander and Nan! And a big YAY for Xander for making his goal! High five!

Sandee said...

♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Xander,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday Dear Nan,♪♪
♪♪Happy Birthday to you.♪♪

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Barb said...

That is quite an accomplishment... peddling all acrosss the country. I can't even imagine!

Hope everybuddy had a very happy birthday and that no ear drums were harmed by the Birthday singing! haha!

big hugs xoxo

Joy said...

I was catching up on some of the blogs I missed while out of town, and wondered about Xander when I saw the date on his last post. I was going to ask you about him today, and you answered before I asked. Happy birthday to both Xander and Nan!

Paul Pietrangelo said...

Double birthdays, how fantastic. Happy Birthday to both Xander and Nan!. Xander must be proud of his accomplishment. Good for him. Congratulations for a good job done.
Have a very proud day Sandy. See ya.

Cruisin Paul