Thursday, July 2, 2015

TBT - 1969

My sweet hubby climbed that coconut tree to retrieve a coconut for me.  Be still my heart!  I had never had fresh coconut until then. 


That was at the USCG station at Marathon Key, where we had honeymooned the previous summer.  Bob and Bonnie went down there with us on this particular spring trip.  We hauled along the boat, of course, so that we could ski and fish.  That was a mighty fine boat.  It and this truck (along with a Triumph Italia sports car) were most of MM’s dowry when we got married.  I had my own car, kitchen stuff, and a bedroom suite.  That was about all newlyweds needed way back then.  Times have sure changed.

Scan0002 - Copy (2)

That boat was our major source of entertainment in those Coast Guard days.  We spent many hours skiing with friends, and just exploring the many waterways around Miami.

MM had camped all his life with his family, so he got it in his head to build us a camper topper so that he could introduce me to the world of camping.  He had more time than we had money, so he got busy and built this little gem:

Scan0001 - Copy (3)


We christened it over at a campground in Ft. Myers…in the hawt summer…and within an hour or so of setting it up, we found us a store and purchased a small fan to cool off this new OVEN!  And to get more insect repellent.


There were many more trips using this camper, customizing it as we went along.  I sure don’t want to go back to that way of camping again, tyvm, especially cross country traveling in it.  Yes we did…and with a toddler, and I was pregnant!  Oh the stories…mostly good ones.

Many miles and many smiles with my guy…and our kiddos.  And we will be making more of both…soon…but now we are “glamping”  when we hit the road.  We’ve earned it!

Happy memories, minus the mosquitoes!


Paul Pietrangelo said...

He must really love you to climb that tree or he wanted coconut milk to drink. It must have been about his love for you. Ah.
Have a lovely Thursday Sandy. See ya.

Cruisin Paul

Sandee said...

Our youth is so fun wasn't it. Yours sure was. I know you two have had many wonderful adventures. Thanks for sharing this part of your life.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Haley D. said...

Well I for one am glad you've kept this monkey! Thanks for all the time in the boat, the camper, and everything else!

Paul Harvey said...

Great story, and you were obviously having fun!
What happened to the Triumph Italia - not very well known back then but quite valuable now?

Barb said...

Boy howdy, does that bring back memories! When I got married the first time he picked up an old Volkswagon bus, rivetied the top of another VW bus top to the top of it and called it a camper. If that wasn't hideous enough, he hand-paintied it ORANGE. You know, in case anybody missed how ugly it was before painting it.

We actually drove that monstrosity to Sandwich (Cape Cod) one summer for family vacation... It actually made it. It was dreadful. I told him all the way home NEVER again. It made it home and literally blew up as soon as he parked it in front of his parent's house. Bu-bye, baby.

I use to say my idea of camping is a cheap hotel. Now I say my idea of camping is an inside cabin. And THAT kind of camping I do not mind one little bit!

I think I woulda made him wait until a coconut fell on account of that's a-scary way up there!

Enjoy your day! xoxo

Barb said...

inside cabin on a cruise... in case you missed it. ;)

Joy said...

Great pictures, fun memories! But I agree, you've earned the upgrade in camper accommodations.

Traveling Bells said...

Paul, it was a '61 Triumph Italia and only 300 or so were made. We had three vehicles and a boat between us, making insurance a bit expensive for us newlyweds. Frugally, we sold it...and hubby regretted it ever since. He loved that car. He had to teach me how to "double clutch" it, because the gears didn't always mesh well. And it got to be very unreliable. It was a fun car...when it was running well!

Paul Harvey said...


Believe it or not I am an owner and Registrar for Triumph Italias and we maintain a database of previously known and surviving cars worldwide.

Do you have any pictures or records at all of the car and we should be able to identify it?


Dick Bell said...

I bought the car in 1965 in Atlanta. Sold it in 1970 in Miami. I believe it was car # 241.

Paul Harvey said...


We have a record that Italia #241 was broken up for parts - if you have any photos of the car at all we would love to feature it on our website:

Brian Bell said...

I love the photos. And to add to Haley's comment, flying too!