Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hello, snow shower. This won't be a problem for sister Nan driving up here today, because it won't stick. The ground is too warm, and with all the traffic, it certainly won't stick to the highways. This is the best kind of snow, in my humble opinion. Here, then gone.

Global warming...yeah, right.

So most of the boring chores are now done, thankyouverymuch. Haley is preparing dinner tonight, and the kids will all be here at our house. Tomorrow, the rest of the gang arrives. Beds are ready. Bring on the chaos!

It's a good thing I checked on the turkey thawing process yesterday. It was still a hard bird, even after 4 days in the fridge. Oh nooo! MM discovered the spare fridge was set way too high. Holy moly...frozen birds are not good! Thaw, baby, thaw.

It's all good. Bird will be ready by Friday. Disaster averted.

Life is never dull in Mayberry. Well, except for when we are doing pesky chores.

Happy hump day, y'all!

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Sandee said...

Our bird is in the sink in cold water. It too was way to frozen to prepare. It will be fine in a couple of hours I'm sure. So we are both facing the same issue this morning. We'll get it done though.

You and yours have a fabulous Thanksgiving and I know you'll all enjoy each others company.

Big hugs honey. Scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

my bird is happily resting at the fern house lovingly being cared for by a great chef! not that i can chew it or anything!

happy thanksgiving to you both!

smiles, bee

Barb and the Gs said...

My mother found the same thing when she checked the chicken yesterday. Pan of cold water will do the trick. He's almost ready right now, in fact.

I'm exicted. Good friends will be here. And I'll be eating sensibly. ;)

Bundle up, buttercup. It's gonna be frosty!! big hugs xoxo

Haley D. said...

We're looking forward to the madness, snow or no snow! I would be much happier if it warmed up though.

Judy said...

Happy Thanksgiving. We are heading south tomorrow - hope everyone is eating turkey, watching football or sleeping and not on the highways!!

Joy said...

Glad you checked that bird! Enjoy the time with your family today.