Friday, August 10, 2012

Moving on!

This morning we are catching the train to Berlin. The land part of the cruise begin tomorrow so I will do an update later.

It is only about a 2 hour train trip. The day I beginning sunny. We like!

Miles and smiles, y'all!

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Barb and TheDailyGs said...

So here I am, at first glad to see you in my reader, than disappointed there's no photo, and then excited your cruise is nearly ready to begin.

Then I thought, "Isn't it absolutely amazing that we were born in this time where we or loved ones can travel the world and thanks to technology, we KNOW what and how they're doin?".

It's a beautiful thing!

Have a blast! big hugs from sultry south jawjah! xoxo

Sandee said...

What Barb said honey. I was thinking the same thing.

Have a sunny day. Big hugs from HOT California. :)