Friday, August 3, 2012

Kindergarten. Doodlebug is ready.



School begins today for the kids (last week for the teachers), so summer is officially over.  Kaput.  The end, well, except for the heat.  All the fun is over.  

Our sweet Doodlebug Alex is going to kindergarten today, and I want to know how that is possible!  He can’t possibly be old enough yet, but the calendar tells us differently.  Plus, he is excited and ready for this new adventure.

Our babies are growing up entirely too fast.  Slow down, sweet grandkids.  There’s no rush to grow up.

Amy and Jason had a commitment today, so I have Will for some special time without his big brother.  That makes me smile for sure. 

And Will and I get to pick up Alex from school.  I know he will be full of stories of his day.  I am already looking forward to that.

We are all making more memories…and that is always a good thing.

Life's too short to be anything...but happy.  Who is joining me with this attitude?


Lisa said...

Congrats, Big Boy!!! What a treat! Hope you have a great day. Keep making those memories. And take lots of pictures!!!!! And write on the back so no one is left wondering who, what or when... years later. :)

Joy said...


Sandee said...

This post brings back my mixed emotions when my son went to school for the very first time. Sad and yet happy. I so remember.

Have a terrific day honey. I'm packing right along with you because I'm going with you. Big hugs. :)

Jean(ie) said...

Wow!!!!time sure does fly! Have a fun day, Grammie. Hugs!

ivana said...


Our school begin in September, but we are so sad, no schhol, now they do structures for 1-2 years, until our schhols are safe!

Big hugs to your little pupils!!!