Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday at the rally


great white heron

This Great White Heron has visited us a few times, but yesterday morning I grabbed my phone to snap a photo, trying to figure out what was of interest to him.  Or her.  How do you tell the difference?  Anyway, a jiffy quick moment later, our plant bed was one lizard less.   Help yourself, sweetie.  We have a good breakfast buffet!

So we had an enjoyable trip up to Kissimmee, stopping once at a picnic area so I could make some sammies for lunch.  Our hosts had a nice turkey dinner catered in, then afterward a bingo game.  Um, we don’t play bingo, but we stayed because we are good sports…and Dick won a game!  It is a W/M gift card, he thinks for $50!  Wowza…he may become a bingo fan.  Hmm, mostly NOT.

After breakfast this morning we’ll have free time to wander around this busy area, then meet back for happy hour, dinner and entertainment tonight.  Friend Dave, still snowbound in MT and merely READING the blog, we are missing you!!!  WYWH!

What are you doing this weekend?  We are having fun in another paradise, y’all!


Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Don't ask me how to tell the difference. After 6 years I still can't tell my geese apart.

Poor little Lizard. I save the lives of so many Lizards. My cats seem to like a Smorgasbord of Lizard as well as the birds do!

Woohoo for MM's BWTB win! Happy shopping at the WalMart! Which happens to be one of the chores on my list this morning. I'm off right now, actually!

Big hugs xoxo

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!
An elegant Heron!
My week end? Rest, rest, rest...I hope!
Have fun!

Big hugs!

Linda said...

Lizards for lunch, huh? Eck, but I guess it's the circle of life though I'm not sure how anything with a neck that long can managed to get a squiggling little lizard down!

Being a good sport obviously pays off! Congrats on MM's win!

Jean said...

Woo hoo MM! I know he'll put that WM card to good use. More toys!

Dave in MT, hope you dig out soon.

For us will be some more unpacking (Bill's toys) and some running around. Life is good!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

having a wonderful weekend guest, guess who? you know...

hugs, bee