Monday, November 14, 2011

Home, sweet home...and pacing

There is no place like home, despite the suitcases that need to be emptied, mail that needs attending to, marketing that needs to get done, etc.  We are happy to be here.

Fall colors have basically left Mayberry all dull and brown, with leaves blowing everywhere, or still clinging with their last hope on the tree limbs.  Time marches on, and Mother nature confirms that November is solidly in place.  It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon us, but it sure is.  I need to go turkey shopping!

So photos will have to wait a bit to get downloaded, as well as trip details, but they shall be forthcoming.  Right now I am worrying our son through outpatient hand surgery in Charlotte, wishing I could be there.  Feel free to help me worry and pray.  I have faith in the medical team, of course, but I am his mama and he is still my child, especially when anything goes wrong.  He was using his pocket knife last week to pry something open.  It slipped and cut his palm, apparently severing a tendon to his L index finger.  Hopefully it is easily fixable.  He has to live with a cast for 6 weeks, small nuisance for having a usable finger for the rest of his life.

I'll let y'all know tomorrow how he is doing.  Thanks to niece June for taking such good care of Brian.

That's it from paradise.  I need to go pace the floor awhile.


Sandee said...

Welcome home honey. I know you'll both be working to get things back in order. You have another cruise shortly too.

Sorry about Brian, and I'm sure he's learned a valuable lesson. Yikes. Prayers and good thoughts in progress.

Have a terrific day honey and try to relax. Big hugs to you both. :)

Jean said...

I'd be pacing too, so you're not alone. Hugs!

barb @iPhoneographi said...

Holy moly! Didn't MM teach him his hand is neither a work bench nor a vise? Bless his heart. Praying for the best outcome possible!

Welcome home!

Big hugs xoxo

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!
Welcome home!
Prayers for Brian, i hope you have good news tomorrow!
Have a good week at home!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Sandy!

And prayers for Brian's doctors and for Brian's hand - may it all go perfectly, and he heal quickly and well!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh ouch! poor baby!

hugs, bee

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it home safely, can't wait to see the pictures!

Hope your son's surgery went well. Hopefully he's more cautious with knives in the future, even dinky little pocket knives. ;)

Lisa said...

Welcome home! I've enjoyed your travels. Thanks for taking me along.

Sending prayers for your son, hoping all goes well.

Joy said...

I was pacing with you, you know it! Was glad to read your email when it was over.