Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mr. Cheese Hand


Cheesy Brian

Here is our cheesy boy, still under the wonderful blessing of nerve block.  Pain is around the corner!

June is taking such good care of him…as Dick did with June back when he was a student at GA Tech, babysitting June in exchange for home cooked meals from her parents.  What goes around, comes around!

Surgery started later, and lasted a bit longer than anticipated.  The tendon is delicately stitched back together.  No major nerves were severed, thankfully.  He will be able to do physical therapy here in Mayberry…and promises to be a good patient and not un-do all that fancy stitchery—he doesn’t want to go back under the knife again………….either knife!

We count our blessings and give thanks for the medical team, Al, and especially June.  You rock!

Thanks, everyone, for all the good thoughts and encouragement.  Accidents happen when you least expect them to happen.  And when you least want them!  Brian won’t be scuba diving on our upcoming cruise, but he will eventually be able to use that pointer finger again. 

That is what matters.

Great relief here.  Life is good, y’all!


barb @iPhoneographi said...

I sure hope he gets a little wine with that cheese. Or at least a little whine. Bless his heart.

Thank heaven for good friends, good doctors and the power of prayer!

Big hugs xoxo

Joy said...

I know that's gonna hurt - thank heavens for good meds and for June! It's a temporary inconvenience, though. Glad he got it taken care of and that it can now start to heal the right way.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh no, bless his heart honey...

hugs, bee

Sandee said...

Sounds like a good prognosis to me. Now if he just behaves and does what the doctor tells him to do. I'm sure he's plenty of family to help him stay in line.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from chilly but sunny California. :)

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!

I hope that Brian is a good patient!!!
Thenks God, it will go well!

Big hugs!!

Jean said...

breathing a sigh of relief on the lack of nerve damaged. that ensured the good prognosis...

Hope he heals quickly and is back to his usual activities soon...