Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Goodbye, November!

I wasn’t kidding about our local color being Nov coveBROWN.  Fortunately, there are evergreens scattered around to break up the brownish monotony of dying grass and bare tree limbs.  Our lake disappears in the winter, turning instead to a small stream, leaving us with bare banks.  It’s too cold to get in the water anyway, but still.  Oh well…another reason to spend the winter in sunny south Florida, right?!

So the snow yesterday was a non-event, as we knew it would be.  It was pretty as it fell…and even nicer that it disappeared and didn’t stay.  November is too early for lingering snow, ppl!

I have the wee boys this afternoon, so the plan is to work on Christmas cards while they nap.  Y’all know how plans go…and then enjoy a Christmas concert tonight with Joan and Joy.  That will launch the Christmas Season in the right spirit.

Are you ready for December to arrive?  Who has decked the halls?


Jean said...

Have fun with the boys! I'm looking forward to December. I'm sure it will bring us a lot of change, but it will bring us answers, too. And right now that would be extremely helpful.

We'll bypass decorating (or should I say that "I" will bypass decorating...LOL!)

Gonna get a head start on packing. I've been given permission to go ahead.

Barb @TheDailyGs said...

Why don't you have the wee boys work on the cards while you nap? Just a thought!

I'll be crocheting and hoping for orders!

Stay warm and cozy. big hugs from chilly south jawjah xoxo

Anonymous said...

I won't deck the halls until the temps dip below 40F. Monday it was 70 here so...might be awhile yet. lol

Sandee said...

This week has been busier than ever. The change of watch it Friday night and the lighted boat parade is Saturday night. Midway through the evening I'll be relived of duty as commodore and sworn in as staff commodore. I'm happy about that too. Anyway I bought gifts for everyone that worked for me this year. Officers, directors and appointed staff. It's a lot of stuff to be toted to the dinner.

The tree is still in the box in the garage and will remain there until next week. I'll decorate then.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs to you both. :)

Joy said...

My halls are half-decked and I'm looking forward to the concert tonight. Yesterday's snow is all over the tops of the mountains around us - they look beautiful, and even better, we don't have to drive in it!

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!

ight: you nap, the boys work on the cards!!!
The scenery is not very amazing, the snow will bring light and peace!

Have a great afternoon with the kids!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

it was so beautiful today it took my breath away. i just stayed outside as long as i could enjoying it. hurry!

smiles, bee