Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday musings



So on the third day of October, our heat is on for the first time already.  Wasn’t there some talk about global WARMING recently?  It isn’t here…but we’ll adjust. 

MM is waiting on a bigger pump to arrive that will activate his new solar collector heater thingy.  We won’t have to use our regular heater so often when the solar stuff gets going.  Stay tuned.

So I was behind a car that had BRN as part of the license plate.  My mind immediately started thinking…brown; brawn, burn, born.  Rut roh…that word game kicked in pretty quickly!  I have had fun playing online…and I am learning to mute my “toys” so that I don’t wake up MM with all the popping, pinging noises.  I try to be a good wife.

Mister Casey Kitty loves, LOVES going outside.  He discovered the kitty door, and now has his freedom.  He goes for a vet check up this afternoon, so he loses outdoor privileges today so that I will know where he is.  He didn’t come inside till suppertime yesterday, and I was getting a little worried about him.  Today I will take no chances on him wandering!

Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.

Spread some sunshine today, y’all!


barb @iPhoneographi said...

It was 44 here last night.... warmer than New England. doh!

Casey Kitty, the explorer! My kitties would KILL to be able to outside again, but Momma just can't take the worrying! Water Moccasins, dogs, feral cats...

Have a lovely day! Big hugs xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing two shirts to work today. Having to wear uniforms really stinks right now as technically we're not allowed to wear our sweatshirts for a few more weeks.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

it's 80 here. hurry!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

Glad Mr. Kitty is doing so well. Freedom is a very good thing too.

We are currently at the Corinthian Yacht Club. Beautiful place and we're having a ball.

Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy

a thought to MM and his projects!
And to Mr Casey Kitty for his check up!
Don't play too long!
We have so many dates in the day that I cannot think of me!
Agata, in the morning, about two hours...lunch at 12., son comes from the bank at 1:40 for lunch here, G. takes Agnese from school at 2:00, she eats here, at 3:15 to dance five takes her and drive to an informatic supermarket to buy printer stuff....etc!
ANd cooking, and blogging, and images!

I hope....some quiet!!!

Hugs........I'm sleeping !

Anonymous said...

I do that with license plates, too!

I need to hook Darryl up with MM to learn about solar heat. Can I ship him over to ya? he's a good guy and a hard worker.