Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 3 - Sunday in Savona

My view through the window--not too shabby! Buon giorno. We have a rear cabin that needs no alarm clock to know when we are in port. They did some noisy maneuverings this morning to get us docked, but our view is lovely. Lots of cyclists have gone by already. Dick went to breakfast and brought mine back so I could enjoy breakfast in bed. I'll keep him!

We went ashore for a walk yesterday and will do the same today. No excursion here. It is sunny and only expected to be 64 here, same as yesterday.

So some info. Our room is actually a bit larger than normal for this price range. No balcony, but a sit-in window that our grands like to play in. I will have to post a photo of MM in it! Yes he did! Our steward is fab--no robe (only in suites), but Ricardo got one for me. Smart man.

Food is good, but once again, not good pasta. I had fetticine with clams and it was dry as dry can be. That's twice. I shall keep trying. There are five couples at our dinner table, all Americans, and 2 couples will be on the Magic next week with us. One lady had her wallet stolen yesterday, and another had her backpack stolen the first day in Barcelona. Not a happy way to begin a trip.

Entertainment last night was good. A somewhat circus act by a very interesting duo, so no language was needed. The CD gave the farewell rapidly in 5 languages afterward. Impressive!

I have two international plans that I am trying--basic minutes for emails on my iPad, and a texting pkg that allows photos from my iPhone, which is how I posted the blog from Marseilles yesterday. Text blogs would have to be short, and no title. I have phone service in all ports, but on sea days I would have to buy minutes from the ship, which I will do on the Magic. I'll get it figured out! Bear with me...

Congrats on the house sale, Barb! Miss reading all my blog buds. Will def make some rounds when I find a hot spot. Hey Ivana! Sure wish we could pop over to the other side of your beautiful country for a visit...and GOOD pasta!

WYWH. Ciao, y'all! Naples tomorrow.


barb @iPhoneographi said...

Woohoo on Breakfast in bed... and scoring a robe!

Look at you, all tech guru and all! I do love Facebook. It's a quick way to catch up quick!

Thanks! Nobody is more surprised than me. Now I'll just hold my breath until it actually closes.

Enjoy Italy! <--- Dumbest sentence ever written!

Big hugs xoxo

Jean said...

Have fun and enjoy the scenery. No news here. Just same old-same old.

Haley D. said...

Buon giorno, Bella! That view is gorgeous. Glad to hear Dad's earning his keep. Keep posting whenever/however you can so we can all enjoy the cruise too. (Terrible to hear they can't fix pasta on your ship.) If you go ashore, keep your valuables close! Take care! We love & miss you.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

we sat on the costa mediterranea in that exact spot! savona is lovely but it was cold when we were there.

i am so sorry the pasta isn't good, i LOVED costa's pasta, don't know what happened there.

don't forget to get a cannoli tomorrow!

smiles, bee