Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday in Georgia...

It is sad saying goodbye, but great seeing long-time family and friends at these occasions. I got to meet cute little Aidan last night for the first time. He is a six-year old bundle of engery...all boy. Mickey loved him, as do I. And I love his dad Rick, who was my very first nephew...just a few years ago.

The gals loved their new jewelry, but Aidan asked where his necklace was! How cute is that? I asked what color he would like, and he promptly replied RED, so I'll have to figure out a boy necklace to make for this special guy. You bet I will!

So today is sunny and nice...and we'll celebrate and say goodbye.

And be grateful for family and friends. Life is good!


Barb said...

I know it will be such a tough day for you and your family, Sandy. Little Aidan looks cute alright. Is it me or it a really, teeny, tiny photo?

Big hugs xo

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!

Your day in Georgia with your family and friends is a gift, but sad, as you have to leave again!
You had forgotten the necklace for the most special boy!!!! Now you have to prepare that at once!!!!

Sandee said...

You were in my thoughts and prayers all day yesterday.

Aidan made me smile. Red. Okay little man. Big hugs.

Linda said...

I'm glad that it was sunny and nice for your brother's send off - that means that Heaven was happy he's there.

Aidan sounds like a real cutie and I have no doubt you'll make him a great necklace!