Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The morning after the party...

Missy and I both sat this morning and enjoyed the view outside, bleak, but with signs of improving. I actually took this photo of her perched in the window yesterday, and had good intentions (you know what those are) to take lots of photos last night of food and kids. Right.

What actually happened was that I was too busy playing BettydamnCrocker to even touch the camera, except to take a photo of the birthday gal and family with HER camera. She will send me all the photos from last night if she knows what's good for her, but click right here and see "Birthday fun" over on Haley's blog, already posted. Watch out for the dog pile at the end. No one was actually injured or hurt, other than maybe a little pride.

The green beans were a big hit, but 'Mr. Publix' needs to have his recipes tweaked just a bit...so I'll fix my copies.

I started putting all my recipes on my computer years ago, all in categories, easy to find from my kitchen computer, and always available wherever I am traveling. This way, I can get rid of those hundreds of saved paper recipes that I have tried/mean to try. And I don't have to remember all those pesky measurements either. It makes cooking simple.

Do you have a special time-saver tip? Please share.

Hallelujah, the sun is peeking out its little head............and I'm seeing some blue skies for the first time since getting home! Yes, those really are buds on the tips of a few trees...............and the willow tree is showing some sweet green. I think Spring is arriving! I'm lovin' it, including the fox I saw sneaking through the woods this morning.

Life is good!


ivana said...

Ciao carissima Sandy!
May I comment in Miss Haley's blog?
I'm curious to watch there!!!
My blog contains hundreds recipes, so I've a practical cooking-e-book! :wink!!!

I hope you have a lovely, mild Easer Week!

Our Spring has suddenly burst!!!

Big hugs!!!

Joy said...

I have lots of recipes in my computer, too, only the computer is not in my kitchen. Still, it's easier to run upstairs and look one up than to find the paper copy, usually! And I for sure want the "tweaked" copy of that green bean recipe, it was really good.
Thanks for including me in Haley's birthday celebration.

Sandee said...

I only cook twice a year - Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hubby loves to cook and does way, way better than I do. He's got cookbooks and more cookbooks. He also has a binder full of his favorite recipes. He's not very organized. Putting stuff on the computer is a great idea.

I'm glad that the birthday party was a big hit. I went over and looked at all the photographs. Sorry that you worked so hard though. Dinner sounded divine.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Barb said...

All of my favorite recipes (the tried and true as well as the ones I want to try, such as your Tortellini Tuscan Stew!) are own my blog. That way they are available to me from any computer as well as my iPhone. Now how's that for convenience?! I've used them many times, especially when I'm in New England and cooking at my sister's!

Haley looks quite a lot like Dick! She has the best of both of you!

Big hugs xo

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

today was beautiful here! an amazing day! i won three bucks at canasta too...

missy looks happy to be home!

smiles, bee