Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday in Mayberry...

Missy is up to her high wire act again, sitting in the window, trying to figure out if she can get even higher...NO! She walked across that bookcase, then jumped down onto the loveseat to get back to the floor. Miss Fearless!

We are all having computer woes around here in one form or another. I guess Blogger is too, since my posts for the past two days never launched as scheduled. I had to go back and manually post them, which is why they showed up so late each day. Annoying.

Mayberry is doing fireworks in town tomorrow night, instead of Saturday night. The kids want to take our pontoon boat out on the lake to watch from the water (and avoid all the traffic in town!). I think Dick and I will just sit on our deck and keep Scooter (he is one...remember?). He doesn't like loud noises, so he wouldn't enjoy the evening one bit. Yep, that is a mighty fine idea. I don't like loud noises either. Saturday, Amy/Jason are doing a cookout next door, so we get to go over for that. I am making baked beans. Yummm...

So how are y'all celebrating the weekend? Whatever you do, be careful out there!


ivana said...

Ciao Sandy

My WE is in a little town, a feast for an old cake, that everyone can taste on the street!
I'll post photos on my blog!
Have a lovely week end!!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

we can see the downtown fireworks from the bedroom balcony but probably won't bother. we might go to the club though!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Look at Missy. She is up there, isn't she? I think the view from the lake will be good. Hopefully less crowded

Linda said...

I'll be working day shift on the 4th to cover for a fellow co-worker who just became a dad for the second time then I guess the girls and I will head up to my mom's for a hot dog or hamburger off of the grill. Still trying to decide whether to go to the fireworks here in town that night or not; I'm not much into crowds and the traffic is usually horrible afterward.

Have a great holiday weekend there in Mayberry!

barb said...

I'm shampooing carpets, doing laundry and going to bed early. There may be a burger and beans in there somewhere.

On the porch with Scooter (1 already?!) sounds like the best idea!

HaleyD said...

I too have had Blogger issues. Also, my CD drive messed up, but yesterday my sweet DH got it fixed! I spent yesterday evening burning photos and files to CD (and doing laundry).

I'll see you at the cookout. I think I'm bringing broccoli salad.

Anonymous said...


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Joy said...

I figured the automatic posts weren't posting cause you're not usually a day behind on your blog! I like your 4th of July background. Enjoy the view from the deck!