Friday, July 31, 2009

Aviation adventure...

Instead of Where’s Waldo, you are perhaps wondering after yesterday’s tease–where's Dick? He is at the Oshkosh fly-in today, the world’s greatest annual aviation celebration! Friend Jim (of the Jim/Janet friends–remember our St. Maarten trips?) called and said he has passes to get in today and would Dick like to join him? Does Dick love all things aviation? He was on the computer checking airline schedules/prices before you could even spell Oshkosh!

Obviously there will be thousands of aircraft to see, but also forums, exhibits, people, food...and the main event - the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Unique aircraft, from early air racers to historical airplanes, participate, along with the world’s finest performers, all headliners on their own, but at Oshkosh, are part of an all-star lineup in a daily three-hour spectacular.

My, oh my. Do ya think Dick is gonna love this? Right on! I know he’ll bring home lots of photos, and I also know I’ll snag and share a few here on the blog. It’s the least I can do.

Have fun, honey. You’ve earned it!

I hope all the rest of you have some fun this Friday...and a great weekend. Life is...all about attitude! How's yours???


Anonymous said...

I'll bet he's having fun... Hubby's been to that one.

So what kind of mischief are you up to? Something fun?

Joy said...

Sounds marvelous.
My attitude is...sleepy! But otherwise great, it's a rainy day and we need that, it's Friday...couldn't be better!

barb said...

I'm up to moving my office home this weekend. It will be work, but it will be worth it... at least, that's the plan!

Have fun!

HaleyD said...

I hope he's having drier weather than we are (though I am thankful for the rain here)! I think my attitude today is grateful.

Linda said...

This sounds like something my Dad, the Air Force veteran, would have just loved! I remember going to so many air shows when I was a kid and always loved 'em. I don't think I've been to one in many, many years.

Hope you have a great weekend, I'll be spending most of mine at work but that's okay, someone's gotta answer 911 and I could always use the overtime!

Sandee said...

I'm sure Dick will have tons of fun. Good for him.

My attitude is great. As usual I might add.

Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

Sandy B said...

What am I doing? Well, paperwork...then lunch and the grocery store, the bank--all the usual fun stuff! And now I have Scooter b/c he is awake and his mommie has a headache. #1 son is napping. It is nice that I can fill in when needed.

ivana said...

We were tired for our long trip in the mountains, to see old stones of castles and villages!!!
Now, we are resting, if possible!!!