Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday - time for a road trip...

I am heading to ATL today with our two gals and the 4 grandkids for a few days of fun. We have a free place to stay at Brian's empty house (he and Jason flew to Key West yesterday to fish and dive this week with friends), so we are taking full advantage of that.

Today, we are visiting the Atlanta High Museum of Art to see the Monet exhibit that is on display. We also plan to go to Fernbank to see some dinasaurs. Doodlebug is VERY excited about that, and that will compensate for taking him to the High! Shopping is also on the agenda. And eating. And maybe doing *nothing*. We'll have fun, that is for sure.......and we'll have pictures to prove it! Do you think this will be a scrapbook opportunity? You can count on it!

Oh yes, big news! While Scooter was here on Thursday, Dick got some quick videos of him doing his crab crawl, since we knew his crawling days were took his first MAJOR steps Friday for Aunt Haley, about 10 of them before he realized what he was doing and dropped to the floor. He had taken just a few steps for his mommie already, so this was quite an accomplishment in distance. There will be no stopping him now! Now we'll have TWO boys to chase.

BTW, thank you to all my online friends for leaving comments for Mark yesterday. You can still do it if you missed out. He won't mind at all.

Whatever you do today, put a smile on someone's face.


ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!

Have fun with your grandchildren!
Mine have gone for a week holyday in the mountains!
G. and I visit a lot of country festivals in and around!!!
You have interesting programs, that i like too!!!

Buona Domenica e grazie per la preghiera!!!

Anonymous said...

Scooter walking? Oh my... he's growing fast...

Y'all have fun!

Paul from Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada said...

Happy Sunday Sandy. I hope that you and your family get there safe and sound and enjoy everything that you want to do. My grandson Cole had his first birthday and you should have seen the picture we have when he destroyed his birthday cake. It was funny. Oh and by the way we had another cake for his birthday. Have fun.


barb said...

They do grow so very fast! Have fun! But how can you miss, family and free accomodations! Woo Hoo!

Joy said...

Have a great time!