Thursday, March 12, 2009

Waiting @ Logan Airport

Here I sit, early for my flight to Charleston after tossing and turning all night. I do that when my mind is worried I'll oversleep and miss my departure. No fun, especially since I am not a morning person.

Joy and Jennie are driving there today to meet me and 18 or so BSP sistas to have a mini convention this weekend. Think we'll have fun? You can count on it. And the hotel better have wifi. I could not get online last night. Bummer.

Later y'all...enjoy your Thursday. Zoom, zoom.
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Sarge Charlie said...

welcome home, low 80's today

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

he's is so nuts. honey she's not here now! read the whole thing! ha ha

hey i have a plan! want to learn canasta or mahjong this summer? know anyone else? joy? anyone?

smiles, bee

the donG said...

enjoy! thanks to this technology. now you can blog anywhere.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I hope you have Internet at the hotel. Just have a blast honey. Big hug. :)

Sandy B and Dick said...

Bless Sarge's heart!

Hey from Charleston Airport...gotta wait on the arrival of 2 W coast sistas, then Julia will pick up all 3 os us. Joy and Jennie have arrived.

HaleyD said...

Glad you arrived safely! Enjoy the warmer weather and Charleston.

Loving Annie said...

Hope you made the flight and it is a smooth one, Sandy.

chunkygal said...

I HATE when I can't sleep cause I am worried about oversleeping!! ARRGGGH

Anonymous said...

Maybe that cab was late as a sign of impending delay of your flight!?! Probably, next time it would be good to call the airline before you leave for the airport to see if there are any complications. Then, you'd have options, like sleep.

Really enjoyed meeting you Sandy.
I am thy sista,
"Freak'n Ray of Sunshine"