Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday things...

What's wrong with this picture? It is beautiful outside and not too windy or cool today, and here I sit on the puter...well, not ON the puter, just USING it. Not to play, but to take care of tax stuff. Blech. None of this is going to D.C., thank goodness. I'm not happy with those idiots up there. It is going to the State of Georgia, and that's OK.

Today was supposed to be my rubber stamping day, you know, like in making cute cards and scrapbook pages, but that hasn't happened yet. I did get a couple of cards made yesterday. Dick was supposed to go fishing all day with JT, so I was gonna sit and play. It was too windy this morning, so the fishing got cancelled, then a couple of other projects came up and that cancelled out my stamping. Oh well, that's OK, too, cuz I'm helping to plan a party for someone special. No details yet cuz it is a surprise.

So, where is our trip, you ask? Well, we fly to NH on Saturday to go snowmobiling, joined by Amy, Jason, Doodlebug and Prince Will! I will probably spend most of the time inside playing with our two wee boys though, and enjoying Lynne (SIL), while Bob takes the guys and Amy off playing. You can bet there'll be some snow pictures posted next week! I hope Bob and Lynne have their internet up and running by the time we get there, otherwise, it'll be phone posting all week! Oh yes, life is GRAND!!!


WillThink4Wine said...

I can vouch for the fact that NH has had plenty of snow lately! I flew in and out of NH last week, and one of my sisters lives in NH. Brrrr.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm glad your taxes went to your state and not the feds. That's coming though. Right now he's worried about universal health care. The doctors aren't going to like this at all.

Love your upcoming trip plans. Won't be long and the snow will start to disappear. I'm so ready for spring.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh no, you can have that cold trip honey. now those babies, that's another story! ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Hey bell, it is going to start getting warmer tomorrow, yea

we had breakfast at JohnG's tuesday