Friday, March 27, 2009

Missy is packed and ready to roll!

Missy thinks this packing and loading up business is hard work. Whew, she is pooped!

We've got it all together and are rolling to Orlando this morning. Bob and Lynne will meet us at a campground, where Lynne and I will put together dinner and take it over to Don and Carolyn's house. Carolyn has been under the weather with some bronchitis issues, so we'll be Meals on Wheels for them tonight....and we don't mind that one bit.

There were 10 of us for dinner at the Grumpy Grouper last night. It is always hard saying goodbye, but that was what we had to do. Dan and Joan will be in Mayberry next week, so that will be only a short goodbye...and JT and Susan promise to get up to see us this summer, so we'll hold them to that promise!

Enjoy your weekend. Ours will be 'on the road again' is good!


Joy said...

"The Grumpy Grouper" - I love that name! Tell Carolyn hello for me and to get well soon. Safe travels!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

drive safe and i'll see you in may!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

The Grumpy Grouper sounds delish! I wish we had some good eatin' joints here. Have a safe drive!

Anonymous said...

now you make me want seafood. Grouper... yum!

Sarge Charlie said...

have a great trip, it is raining in the mountains.

HaleyD said...

I sure hope you got a picture of Grumps in front of the Grumpy Grouper!!! See you tomorrow night back home.