Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Washing Wednesday...

First item on the agenda for the day was to meet Terry and Lynn at John G's for some cinnamon-nut French toast with fruit cup. Boy, is that stuff GOOD! No, it's better than good! It's OUTSTANDING, especially with a bit of butter and honey. Quit slabbering on the keyboard!
Next stop was at JT's house to pick up some bamboo he found...who knows from where. Dick has an idea in his head for a water fountainish project, so he is outside sawing away on the bamboo. Stay tuned, peaches...project man at work!

Cruise countdown - two days! So I am washing today, packing tomorrow, loading the car tomorrow night for early Friday departure. We can't pack too far ahead of time here in the moho...but for a three-night cruise, it won't take very long to pack anyway. We have this cruise wardrobe down to a pretty fine science. Besides, we don't care if there are any fashion police onboard.

We are enjoying watching the Tour of California each night. We, of course, always check to see if we can find our boy on the sidelines, but so far, no luck. If you want a quick summary and a few pictures, check out Brian's blog, as he updates pretty much each night. Darn, we won't be able to watch it on the ship, but I guess we'll survive that. I know you feel our pain:)

So go out and have some fun today, OK? Life is good!


Anonymous said...

so if we come visit will y'all take us to John G's for breakfast?

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

John G's sounds very yummy. I do think I just gained a pound with your breakfast description.

Have fun getting ready for your cruise. Wish hubby and I were going with you. Big hug. :)

Sandy B and Dick said...

Lois, it is a requirement that you can't come to this area without going to John G's! We could also do lunch there:)

Sandee, wish y'all were going with us, too. We'll have to set up our own Blogger's Cruise some day. Will you come over to this coast???

Loving Annie said...

I love good French Toast - yummm !