Monday, February 16, 2009

Cruise countdown!

Yes, friends, we are going on another cruise. This is a girlie cruise, but Dick is tagging along for the fun of it (he'll also be having a birthday on this trip!). This is a "Cruise and Crop," so named because it is a scrapbooking cruise, for us gals...not Dick. Haley, Amy, Joy and Debora are meeting us at Port Canaveral on Friday for this 3N cruise to the Bahamas. I haven't decided if I'll take my computer or not, but I'll set up some blogs before we leave to let y'all see where we are and what we anticipate doing. Besides having FUN.

Amy has already labeled the cruise CELEBRATION, so that song by Kool & the Gang has been playing in my mind ever since she suggested it:

Life is short...go cruising! Happy Monday, y'all!!!


Anonymous said...

i love port canaveral... one of my fave ports. fun, giggles, and scrapbooking, what more could y'all ask for?

Loving Annie said...

Have a wonderful "scrapbooking" time on the cruise !

WillThink4Wine said...

If I only had 3 nights, I wouldn't be bringing my puter. Just saying.

Linda said...

I'd leave the computer home, too!

Sounds like Dick is just going to have to fend for himself while you gals have a grand ole' time but I bet he finds something to occupy his time. Heck, a deck chair and a book would do the trick for me!

Have a wonderful trip!

Sandy B and Dick said...

Thanks, everyone...we'll have a blast. Amy is sooo ready to hit the pool and get some sunshine! Me, I stay in the shade b/c I burn, never tan, and get those nasty pre-cancer spots. Not fun!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I love that song. One of my favorites back in the day. You just have a great time. Sounds like tons of fun. I'm glad Dick is going along, but I hope there are a few other guys around for him to talk to. Just saying.

Have a terrific time. Big hug. :)