Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Friday was a long day for us. We left about 9a and drove the ‘toad’ over to Dale Hollow Resort, just over the line from TN in KY. We enjoyed the lunch buffet at the restaurant, staying inside in the a/c, rather than eating on the patio. We did have a good view of the beautiful lake...hmmm, we always wind up on water wherever we go, and of course had to drive down and look at the marina after eating. Next we checked out the campground, which has an interesting layout (cg owners like checking out other campgrounds...go figure!)

Some friends back home own property on the Cumberland River, so we had to go look at it and see what it looked like. Dick’s knee was hurting by then, so when we stopped for fuel ($3.81/gal., cheaper than home though), I took over and drove back to the cg...6p arrival. Did I mention a long day???

The kids wound up going to the Wonder Works place...a lot of scientific/virtual stuff that they all enjoyed.
And now we say goodbye to Pigeon Forge and goodbye to the is travel day...then it is time to unload everything, start laundry, go through mail. That’s no fun! I’ll certainly be checking in on all the blogs that I neglected due to the intermittent Wi-Fi service we had in PF. Next time, we’ll just have to park in the sun and use our own satellite.
Happy Saturday, y’all!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

drive safely. we missed the turn to the parkway and ended up in gatlinburg yesterday. i sure was glad i wasn't driving a moho!!! the traffic was nuts!

see you soon.

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

OK, we did Pigeon Forge and Dollywood, scratch one off the list.

Sarge Charlie said...

Too Hot, happy to be back in Podunk

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hey nice hearing from you today!! Looks like you are having a great back to reality!! smile!! All those nasty things like laundry and putting things away. I need to get out to our motor home and get it ready for us to leave. Time is getting close. Take care!!

HaleyD said...

Where's the scullery maid when you need her? You'd think the slaves, I mean kids, would be so grateful for their vacation that they'd clean out the camper for us, right? NOT!

Sandy B & Dick said...

Missy and Parker were no help either! But...we are glad to be back home. We had fun, honey!

Joy said...

April is a good time for the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area. Before school is out and before it gets so HOT! Welcome back, I'll see you Monday, hopefully.