Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cake, class and camp...

Are those enough "Cs" for ya? This afternoon is scrapbook class, and I am the hostess, so that means I bring the 'goodies.' I made this Butter Pecan Cake to take. The gals love the Harry and David dip made with cream cheese, so that is going with me, and maybe some peanuts for something salty. Yummmm. We always have fun and learn new stuff, meeting every other month. If you want a sneak preview of what we are making, go to Haley's site and click on Training & Events for 7/13...cute!

OK, now you know about cake and class. What about camp? Well, Miss A had a fine but tiring time at 4H camp this past week, her very first time REALLY away from home with no family around. At 10, that can be tramatic, but it worked out well. We had Miss M for an overnight, which was fun just to have her one-on-one. That gal is a mess, always keeping us laughing. I don't know where she gets that trait.

Is that all the info on camp or camping? Of course not...our name is the Traveling Bells, and travel we will! Haley sent an email to us saying they are going to Pigeon Forge for 3 nights and did we want to join them next week? Of course we do!!! We'll stay two nights, and then we are off to KY for at least two nights with Amy and her family. That trip may be short if I do indeed have to be on jury duty the following week; otherwise, we'll stay longer. Seize the day, or the week...or whatever we can do! We sure enjoy spending time with all our kids, tall and short. Life is good!!! Hope y'all have a happy Sunday.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well that will be all of us, cat and the two youngest boys are going too! we'll be there wed, thurs, and fri!

and the cake looks wonderful!

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

butter pecan cake, I want some. I would love to meet Charles Hill. You can tell him he is on my blog.

Joy said...

Oh, Bee, that cake was GOOD! Maybe Sandy will take some of it to PF, we didn't eat it all. Sandy, if I got an invitation like that from my young'uns, and I could go, I'd be out the door too! Y'all have fun up there - I made my yearly run to that area in June. Hope they don't need you for a jury and you can enjoy the traveling a bit longer.

Loving Annie said...

Butter pecan cake sounds incredible - will you post the recipe ?

the donG said...

what a great C day! hehehe... nice post for such a theme.