Wednesday, February 27, 2008

GLAMPing life...

So you ask what we do all day, living in an RV? For starters, we get up whenever, turn on the TV for morning news as we check emails and surf the net on the TWO computers. We ride our bikes in the Resort, visit with takes care of all the paper work, mail, cooking, cleaning, know, all that stuff that goes on, no matter where or what you live in. Those are the pink duties, know what I mean?

Dick is in charge of the blue duties...yucky stuff like emptying the gray and black water tanks, repairing stuff, helping Al move a granite bench and setting up his new electronics, lowering awnings for absent neighbors on windy days...but there are also purple duties onboard. Bet you didn't know that. Those are the ones EITHER of us can do...put away dishes/laundry, clean the litterbox. You get my drift. He does pull his share of the I point out that he needs to do the job.......and gets it done in a normal male (un)timely manner.

We both are active in our Resort. The board meeting was yesterday (open to all owners), and I was fill-in recording secretary--no easy task with all the talking that goes on. Today's main job is to review my draft and get the final copy to the prez. Dick is working on finding more ways to get 'cheap' online advertising for our Resort. We frequently enjoy happy hour and/or dinner with Resort friends or local friends. Or simply sit out on the patio and enjoy the fine, warm weather, listening to music and reading a good book.

Tonight we are attending a wine tasting, followed by a dinner. So now you know your colors, and have a wee peek into our GLAMPing lifestyle.

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Becky said...

Love the "chore color chart" explanation -- I have already used that several times now! "Hey, I can't do that, it's obviously a blue task..." Makes 'em feel needed, right ;)