Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Disney Day!

Grumps, today is all about ME 'n Mickey! This tram ride is pretty cool.
Jason, Alex and Amy
Alex isn't too sure he likes Mickey and Minnie up close.
Hmmm, this Mickey sticker looks pretty tasty!


HaleyD said...

What a lucky fellow! How CUTE!!!!

Kimberly and Bob said...

Adorable! Looks like everyone is having a blast, wish we could be there.

Tell Amy happy b-day for us and that she looks great preggers. How's she feeling? And when is she going to start a blog? It would be great to get updates on Alex and peanut #2! Hint, hint!

Sandy & Dick said...

Miss Preggers Amy is doing great...and sez she has NO plans to begin a blog. Her life isn't that interesting to write about, according to her. I'll have to be the bearer of the good news!

Brian said...


Sandy & Dick said...

@alWe just kissed Doodlebug (and his parents) goodbye...they'll leave early in the morning to go back to Mayberry, and we'll go south to WPB. Sure was fun meeting them here in the Mouse City. Greers were awesome hosts! Fun seeing younger Greers last night, sadly forgot to take pics...banging my head here:-(