Thursday, September 10, 2015

TBT - 2002



This is the Cruising Duo onboard Carnival Elation when we left CA and cruised the Mexican Riviera, on through the Panama Canal, and wound up in Miami.  Boy, that was a long time ago. That black pantsuit I’m wearing has appeared in MANY cruise photos over the years.  Ha!  It is a perfect, wad up, wrinkle-free, drape-y thing that is still in my closet.  Will it go…or stay home for this trip?  Hmmm.  We shall see.  MM got out the suitcases yesterday, so we will get to packing…Saturday.  Yep, the day before we leave.

But first, we need to go dishwasher shopping.  The panel MM bought to fix it almost two months ago died, but is still under warranty, so we will be checking out our options in the meantime until we hear back about replacing the panel or refunding our money.  Life is never dull around here at the Fun Factory…where we both are sporting clean fingernails.  The dang thing died Monday…before six friends arrived for dinner, so I smartly swapped the real plates for paper ones at the last minute.  Nobody minded.

Stay flexible – that’s our motto.  Especially when traveling.  And hostessing.

Have a fabulous Thursday, Peaches.  Life is good!


Sandee said...

Hope you get the dishwasher fixed soon. One the boat we use paper most of the time. It's a water issue though. Only hold so much water and sometimes washing tons of dishes just isn't in the mix.

We pick up our boat this afternoon.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to the babies. ♥♥♥

Jean(ie) said...

Boo on the dishwasher. Glad you were able to make the easy swap before company came. I'm so excited about your repositioning cruise. How fun!

Jean(ie) said...

Ps, if they book you at the Pan Pacific, the waterside rooms overlook the harbor's airport. It's fun to watch the seaplanes come in.

Barb said...

Hooray for the pantsuit. I just recently tossed out my go-to favorite relaxing pants and top sets for Christmas/the winter... A dark green velour set that hung nicely, wasn't too hot, washed great and didn't wrinkle as well as a black set. I bet I've had them for 30 years. Maybe more. Sadly, they reached the end of their life cycle and had to go to that big Christmas Party at the Goodwill Center. I am on the lookout to replace them this year. Fingers crossed.

I can't wait for our cruise. I mean your cruise. :)

big hugs xoxo

Joy said...

Flexible is the only way to go! Enjoy the packing. Adventure awaits!