Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday on the Pacific Ocean

Good morning from our final sea day. Tomorrow, it will be aloha for real in Hilo. Hawaiian music on Lido after lunch will get us in the proper mood for our anticipated arrival. Five sea days is a lot, even though it has been extremely smooth.

We have both avoided the hula and ukulele lessons, leaving those to the younger crowd...crowd being the operative word. There are actually few onboard activities that we enjoy. Corn hole consists of one board, with participants each getting 4 throws only. MM came in second; I opted to walk about, rather than stand in the long line awaiting a turn. There appears to be no space large enough to host proper competitions. Bugger.

Last night, we attended three comedy shows, and also enjoyed talented California girl Sky on guitar in the pub, skipping the marriage show.

The "Gross" guy is doing a magic act after lunch, so that is on our agenda, along with the VIP party before dinner...missing corn hole today.

Our balcony, books, live music, and iPad solitaire have all been mighty fine. And the occasional nap. We are ready to hit land...and have phone use on Monday.

We always ask for a large table in the dining room for breakfast and lunch, so we have met several interesting folks from all over.

Having fun. WYWH.


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Joy said...

Waiting in a long line to play anything sounds like a bummer. You'll enjoy more variety of scenery soon though.

Jean(ie) said...

Hey, the balcony and books sound like ideal relaxation! Enjoy the day on land.

Barb said...

I always think the daytime onboard activities are just meh... There are just so many trivia games I want to play and I don't gamble and drink all day so casino and the wet tee shirt contests on Lido are out. I usually take lots of lovely walks trying to discover an area of the ship I haven't seen before, naps are always lovely, and my Kindle on the balcony is never wrong. :)

I have never done 5 sea days in a row. I would totally be ready to port. Especially in Hawaii!! ;)

Aloha! xoxo

Sandee said...

I know you are both ready to step foot on land. I so remember feeling the same way. We should have flown back too. Not a great plan coming all the way back to San Diego.

Have a fabulous day in Hilo honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥