Saturday, December 13, 2014

Baby, it’s cold outside…



The official temp was 20 this morning when I woke up waaay too early.  That’s OK, because this body is staying inside until it warms up!

Don’t we have the cutest little elf?!  Amy did a Christmas gift project for Will’s class Thursday, so I went over to assist her…and get some sugah from my wee sweetie.

Amy had already made up a big batch of hand/foot scrub (Epsom salt, olive oil, peppermint oil).  She had the kids place the crystals in small Mason jars, add a paper Christmas muffin cup on top of the lid (great idea!), then screw on the lid ring, and place a small bow on top (why didn’t I get a photo of the finished jars?  Sheesh).  She had product labels for the outside that I placed on each jar, and I wrote each child’s name on a label that went on the bottom of the jar to identify the owner.  Easy peasy and useful gift for each child to take home to mom, dad, grandma…anybody.

That Amy is a good mom.  She has done a class craft for all three of her kiddos, spreading lots of Christmas cheer in the county.  It’s fun to pay forward a little happiness.

I have a warm, cuddly girl sitting in my lap this morning.  She doesn’t like the cold outside any better than I do, and it also means that MM is not here.  She is such a daddy’s girl, but I settle for second best and am OK with that status.  I remind her that I am the one who cleans out her littler box, but that never moves up my rank.  Sigh.

Stay warm…and spread some Christmas cheer, y’all!


Sandee said...

We also do a lot of spreading Christmas cheer. Good for you. It's a good thing.

You stay in and be warm. It's cold here too, but not that cold.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches to your babies. ♥♥♥

Haley D. said...

Christmas is such a fun time of year! It's great that you were able to go help.

Joy said...

Great picture! And the project sounds like great fun. It was 21 when I left the 'ville this morning headed to my brother's, but by mid afternoon I had shed a couple of layers and was comfy in a long sleeved t-shirt. At least it dd not stay that cold for long!

Barbaclaus said...

That sounds like a fun and pretty project! Bad blogger, forgetting to take a photo!

It seems like I am always on litter box patrol. Oh, what we do for our babies...

Stay inside where it is warm and cozy. I am making soup later, assuming something soesn't happen to change that plan again. big hugs from chilly south jawjah! xoxo

Judy said...

Do you know someone else from Ottawa? I see someone visited 47 minutes ago. Just curious.

Judy ( enjoying Sarasota)