Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NH greetings

The flight was smooth and Bob was waiting at the bus stop for us. Great service. And a great dinner.

This was our early morning greeting here at the pond:

After our fabulous breakfast bar:

Gals are heading to town; guys are off doing their thing.

Divide and conquer! Later gator.

Life is good, y'all!

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Sandee said...

Oh how fun. I'll have some cereal and a banana. Oh and orange juice and coffee.

Where are we girls going? I'm coming too.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs. ♥♥♥

Joy said...

A rainbow this morning? How wonderful, and what an auspicious start to your visit. Have great fun and deliver hugs from me, please.

Joy said...

Oh, I just made your picture bigger. How gorgeous! Wish I were there.

Sylvia said...

Pretty rainbow over the pond!

Barb G said...

Glorious morning at the pond! I could get used to that! Hope your visit is fabulous!

big hugs xoxo