Sunday, June 15, 2014

Let the games begin!

And so they did yesterday, the Blairsville Scottish Festival and Highland Games officially kicked off with bagpipes galore at noon:

I volunteered at the admissions tent from 10 till 3 and can vouch for the huge crowd that streamed through the gates. We were uphill from the field, with views mostly blocked by trees, but the lively music swelled up to our ears from the opening

The entertainment tent, so I heard, got great reviews on the folks playing there, but I didn't get to enjoy that this year. I did manage to stop by a vendor after my shift and pick up a clan scarf that I wanted in honor of my paternal grandmother.

MM and I both have the 2 to 5 shift today. He will be the tram driver, and I will be the helper. At least we can both sit today!

Happy Father's Day to MM, Logan, Brian, and well as to all the dads out there!

Life is good, and lively, here in these mountains! I have my Hamilton plaid ready to wear.

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Barb and the Gs said...

Sitting sounds like a most excellent responsibility. I am sure you will both fulfill your positions admirably. :)

HFD to MM and alla da boyz.

big hugs xoxo

Sandee said...

See who is volunteering now. You two. Doesn't surprise me one bit. Have fun.

Have a fabulous day and an even better Fathers Day to all your special dads. Big hugs. :)

Joy said...

It was a perfect day for the Games yesterday, today is a bit warmer but still nice. Have fun riding the tram.