Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day

MM has absolutely HAD IT with his new Win8 laptop.  Nothing but trouble.  He opens a new tab, and Internet Explorer quits working; it has a “metro” opening screen with icons hidden.  You have to run the cursor around to find all that hidden stuff.  It wasn’t easy even getting the dang thing simply to shut down.  Sheesh!  Mayday…help!!!


Keith to the rescue.  We had our computer geek come over yesterday to tweak a few things, especially this laptop before it gets thrown out a real window, then get it connected to our network.

Our geek has a solution to the Win8 difficulties—a free-trial program that turns the system into Win7.  Bring it on!  He did.  It is working.  MM is happy.  If the program and the laptop play together well, MM can buy the program at the end of the trial for a mere $5.  Yeah buddy!  That’s a cheap fix.

We still have some issues with our HP wireless printer, but that is an internal issue in the printer, so we have to deal with HP directly on that.  Bugger.

Progress. We has some.  Plus while Keith was here, I started digging out old electronics…bunches of parts and pieces of this and that, no longer needed.  These will be saved up to take to the next electronics recycle day event.

Spring cleaning is in the air, which means that this morning MM has already bailed out and gone to his shop where he can tinker on some manly equipment, leaving me here to do “pink” jobs.

Grease is in his future; dust is in mine. 

That’s life in sunny Mayberry today.

Happy May Day, y’all!


Sandee said...

Glad you got a fix for Windows 8. I have 7 and hubby has 8. Big learning curve he said.

Yep, it's been spring cleaning around here too. Long overdue too. I'm up to my eyeballs in dust. Oh well, all the fields are planted so the dust should be down now.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from hot California. ☺

Joy said...

That will be $5 well spent, imho! See you in a bit...

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

let me see if i understand this, with the new win8 you can pay $5.00 to use their old version? hmmm, is something wrong with this picture? i sure am glad we are apple girls sandy! lol

smiles, bee

Barb and the Gs said...

I have only played with Win8 in Sam's but I could navigate around OK. I was lost when I first got my Mac but I figured most of that out. Time, patience and determination is key. If you aren't determined and you're not patient... well, then, there just is never enough time! LOL! I have friends who rave about it and others who run it as Win7.

Personally, I absolutely NEVER would use Internet Explorer as my browser. Evah!! My go-to browser is Chrome. I even used it on my Mac.

Speaking of my Mac, UPS damaged it when I shipped it the successful eBay bidder and they STILL haven't paid me for it yet. Time to call again!

Have a fabulous day! Hope there aren't too many dust bunnies in your future! big hugs xoxo

Jean(ie) said...

it is the most unstable platform I've ever worked with. And no, I'm not resistant to change. It just sucks... big time.