Friday, March 8, 2013

Shimmy, shake shake

Everything loaded up and off we went for the hour drive to our luncheon destination yesterday.

tilt trailer

Hmm, there wasn’t enough tongue weight on the trailer, even with the toolbox lightly filled, so there was a bit of “fishtailing” for that whole hour.  No big deal.  MM is a great driver and there was no danger, just annoyance, but something had to be done, because we couldn’t have our friends have this problem for the long drive back to Mayberry.

So, see the difference?

tilt trailer2

It’s a good thing we were early.  Mechanic Man removed the two front tires, and placed them on the trailer for added weight…two extra spares in case they are needed.  Smart man, that MM. 

Dan and Joan are the absolute bestest of friends!  It was sooo good seeing them.  Dan, of course, has unlimited use of said trailer…but he would have had that even if he didn’t haul it home.  Amy and Jason will welcome having that awning on their deck a bit sooner than waiting on our arrival with it.  We all thank you both for this huge favor!

Check out that sky—no clouds!  It is still beautiful today, and on the cool side, but not so windy that it presents a problem to put MM on the patio and give him a wee trim around his ears today.  The barber missed a few pesky hairs.

We will meet the Tieches for pizza tonight.  Christine loves when we come to town so that she can share a Greek pizza with us, since her parents don’t like that one.  More good times ahead.

And now back to the regularly scheduled un-fun laundry.

Have yourselves a ginger peachy day.  Life is good, y’all!


Lisa said...


I think your MM and my Markie are two peas in a pod. Thought, my Hubs prob would have put a motor or tranny on there for weight. We has those laying around dontcha know! :) Trying my redneck accent there, needs work!

have a great weekend.

Joy said...

I knew MM would come up with some way to fix the shimmy, even before I saw the picture. I know you all enjoyed seeing each other yesterday. Enjoy that pizza tonight! I'm off to a champagne reception at the resort (whoohoo - art show opening and a friend has some pieces on display) then supper at Shelley T's house with several friends. Birthday doin's with Dad and sis-in-law tomorrow. Then LOSE an hour of sleep, dadgummit! Up early on Sunday, too, I'm playing for both services. Wonder if I can play with my eyelids shut? No, not so much. Anyway, have a great weekend! Hugs!

Sandee said...

My hubby wouldn't have known what to do. It's just the way things are. I'll keep my sweetie though.

Greek pizza? Tell us about that please.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from sunny but cold California.

Barb and the Gs said...

I knew he'd figure it out! What a peach! And bestest friends are the absolute bestest!

And pizza for supper? Fun! I'm trying out Make ahead meal #6 of 8 tonight. It's in the crock-pot now. The smell is... well, like nothing I've ever had before. I hope it tastes good. Maple Dijon glazed chicken. We shall see. Of course, I only have red wine so hope that's okay. LOL.

Have yourself a ginger peachy day. too! Sounds like you will! big hugs xoxo

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh such a smart guy!

smiles, bee

Jean(ie) said...

I've decided that we need a handy guy party, Mark, MM, and "Hank"

Glad you got to see Joan and Dan. And yay for the sunshine. We got sunshine, too!

Haley D. said...

You will be proud to know that your SIL immediately noticed the missing tires (even w/o glasses) and then remarked that it should be cheaper to go through the tolls with less axles. What a guy! (And that applies to all 3 guys!)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

You had me at Greek pizza :)