Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoppy Monday!



Brian, Faith, and Lil Haley all gussied up for Easter yesterday.


And Haley and me in our wraps—it was chilly!  MM, Logan and the girls were already downstairs in line for the Easter Feast that was yummy and quite plentiful.  We’ve got a bunch of good cooks in our church.

Bob and Lynne arrived in time for taco soup last night.  Today we are all putzing around doing a little of this and that…and eating chicken here tonight.

Did I mention that we love having our family around here?

Life is good, y’all.  Happy Monday!


Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Family time is the best time for sure! And that's some mighty fine lookin' family right there!

I've got a houseful of men getting things in order. If that AC ever gets here, we'll be ready.

Big hugs from thankfully, not too hot south jawjah! big hugs xoxo

Joy said...

Beautiful Easter pictures - and you know I was loving the "chilliness"! :-)

Joy said...

Beautiful Easter pictures - and you know I was loving the "chilliness"! :-)

Sandee said...

You have a wonderful family. I can so relate. My brother is out of the picture, but the rest of my family is awesome. I enjoy each and everyone of them. We are truly blessed and life is very, very good.

We went to Encinal Yacht Club yesterday for their Easter brunch. It was fabulous. We all ate too much and then watched the little ones do their Easter egg hunt. It was great fun.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from California. :)

Jean said...

Easter dinner is tonight for us. That is assuming hubby feels up to it.

Love the gussied up pics...

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!

Wonderful images...but how can you wear so light's cold in Spring!!!

Compliments for the color and the joyfull smiles!!!

Have a lovely week!

Big hugs!

Haley D. said...

Easter is definitely a favorite holiday! I love that so many of us were able to get together for lunch and/or dinner.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

very pretty!!! and i love taco soup, i forgot about it.

smiles, bee