Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello, sunshine!


Dick @ Wekiva River2

Goodbye shorts!  Brr…it is a long pants day today here in paradise.  The cold front arrived and cleared out the rain, as predicted.  Thankyouverymuch.

This photo was from the day we paddled the Wekiva River.  Dick had just put our canoe (with HARD seats) in the water.  That was a fun trip…but not one I would want to do today.  Did I mention it is cold?

So the flea market trip got canned yesterday, which was no big deal.  It will be there another day.  I made several earrings, played WWF, and just piddled the day away until time to have enjoy Dorota’s cooking (that got changed to last night, just in case you are keeping up with all this).  Yum. 

Speaking of yum, we had THE best lobster bisque Saturday at a little place, Mike and Mike’s, that used to be the Boathouse.  Guess where we are going tonight?  It is only an occasional menu item, so tonight it is.  I seriously wanted to lick my bowl clean.  I’ll try not to embarrass myself tonight.

Beading stuff has to be put away so I’ll have room to play chef tomorrow.  No way do I want to go out on V Day and fight the crowds, plus our ‘guests’ include some short people.

Speaking of V day, raise your hands if you are sick of those big bear commercials?  What woman wants an almost 5’ tall stuffed bear???  Pu-lease.  Guys, don’t fall for that load of bollocks because that is what it is.  And that outfit with the feet on them?  Just let me say that you will be VERY disappointed if that is what you present to your sweetie.   Try flowers.  Or bling.

Have yourself a ginger peachy day.  Life is good in paradise, y’all!


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

morning honey! it's so cold i can't stand the thought of going out but i must. buggers.

mm looks so cold in those shorts! ha ha

have a great day!

hugs, bee

Joy said...

Good advice on the flowers or bling!
Well it was 11 degrees yesterday morning and a whopping 18 this morning here, so just enjoy the sunshine and whatever warmth there is. I've got a blanket wrapped around me as I type. Looking forward to seeing you SOON!

Joy said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention the 1-2 inches of snow we're supposed to get tonight. :-)

Jean said...

Hubby knows not to get me a teddy bear. I'm grown up. He knows my ideal gift. Yesiree, I'm low-maintenance -- cake.

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!

I think that MM changes his shorts here, we have lots of snow...
I hope it's ending!

Have a great Valentin D, we have a cake, school begins again so I see my baby, she was sick, now she feels better!

Big hugs!

Sandee said...

I hate the cold. We are looking at a couple more months and then we'll have warm again. I'm such a fair weather girl just like you.

I agree about the big bear. I don't want one either. I'd much rather have a nice card.

Have a terrific day and stay warm. Hugs to you both and scritches to the babies. :)

Barb and TheDailyGs said...

All I'd want is a sweetie, a quiet dinner, maybe a movie to snuggle up in front of and a bottle of wine. Ima need a sweetie first though.

Big hugs xoxo

Haley D. said...

Don't even talk to us about COLD! Hubby sent me to get my own Valentine, so he is paying dearly. ;) A little bling is always good.