Friday, March 25, 2011

Carnival Imagination–Day 1

Carnival fantail

Dick and I will gaze upon this famous fantail once again, onboard a Carnival Funship.  We can be found on the Lido deck around 1ish today, ready for lunch.  Next, we will find our stateroom…unpack…and be ready to set sail for a short weekend cruise, expecting lovely weather.  We are only going to Nassau and back.  This is cruise #9 for us with Carnival.  We are taking this one mainly because we want the ‘biggie’ cruise in October to be the magical #10—Platinum, baby!  That means PERKS.  Nice perks.  Bring it on! 

At this writing, I’m thinking I’m leaving my computer at home (less to tote).  I will get off the ship at least long enough to download my email with my iPhone, using the free wifi on shore (gotta save money where we can, right?).

So we shall relax, read…and perhaps find some interesting folks on this cruise.   Regardless, we will have a nice time for sure.  And I’ll post a photo or two.

Have a great weekend, y’all!  WYWH!!!


ivana said...

Buongiorno, cara Sandy!!!
Your cruising week end is fantastic...have a relaxing time!!!
I hope you have fine we have sunny and warm, the cycling time trial'll be interesting!!!
Hace a great Cruise!!!

Buon viaggio!!!


Haley D. said...

You can certainly UNPLUG for a weekend! Hope you have a great time. We are expecting crummy weather all weekend, so enjoy!

barb @iphoneographi said...

Now see... if you had an iPad you could bring it along. It only weighs a pound and a half and you'd have the very best of both worlds!

Not that being on a cruise ship for the weekend isn't the very best! I'm jealous and really wish I were there!

have a marvelous time! I know you will. Big hugs :]

Sarge Charlie said...

We did a two and three day back to back to hit 10, the perks are good...

Anonymous said...

Have fun relaxing... Sometimes those quickie unplugged cruises are the best. Just being able top unwind and have time together as a couple.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i was going to say what barb said, get an iPad!!! ha ha

smiles, bee

Joy said...

Have a wonderful time, see you SOON!

Marilyn said...

Have a delightful cruise. My husband and I have taken one Carnival cruise to the Mediterranean and just loved it. I am hoping there will be more in our future.

Sandee said...

How fun. I wish we were going with you. We could have lunch together. I know right where to go too.

Have a great weekend honey. Big hugs. :)

Bobbi said...

Have a great time Sandy!!

Linda said...

No doubt you're having a wonderful time in Nassau and enjoying the sun and sea. I didn't know there was free WiFi there - very nice!

I'd be willing to bet I might actually like a quickie cruise more than I did the longer one - especially if it only went to one port and had lots of time to explore it.

Safe travels and have fun!