Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday fun!

But before I tell y’all what we are doing today, I wanted to show off the cutie pies we camped next to at Lake Cascade (both parents gave permission to post this (how could they say NO to these three begging gals???).  Angus didn’t have an opinion, but he followed his charges over to pose with them…

Miaya, Aliya, Camryn, Angus

They are Maiya and Camryn standing, and wee Aliya sitting in the chair.  Y’all can figure out which one is Angus.  He was the official greeter when we arrived at the cg, and was perfectly adorable as well as the girls.  We all had fun…you girls don’t grow up too fast, OK?!

So we got set up pretty fast yesterday…we are kinda good at it by now!  And of course after lunch Dick was ready to go exploring---translation:  more bumpy gravel roads.  The scenic byway getting to the bumpy, dusty road was really pretty, but that gravel road area, not so much.  What is beautiful is the Payette River that is directly across the road from our dispersed camping area (free).  It would be fun to float down the river…and we saw quite a few rafts and kayaks on our return trip back to the moho, but none earlier.  Strange.  Oh, maybe folks were at work?

The temps hit 101 briefly around 5.  Yuck!  Who wants to cook dinner in that heat?  But I did…and it is already cooling down.

What are we doing today?  Well, it may be considered a bit dangerous, but it is one adventure that we have NEVER done.  Ever.  It involves height, and trust in others…and trust in equipment—we are going zip lining!

If we make it safely back to the ground, I’ll have photos to post tomorrow.  Wish us luck!

And, speaking of wishes, a big happy birthday today to little sister Nan!  She reads the blog, but the stinker won’t leave me a comment!  I still remember toting you next door (I was 6) to show you off to the Karnes.  I got a tongue lashing over that one…and we all survived.

Y’all go out and have some fun today!  And stay cool…


Linda said...

Zip-lining? Oh you are one brave woman!! I can't wait to hear all about it though and see some pictures. Of course, my palms are sweating just thinking about it!

ivana said...

Ciao SAndy!

I see it gets harder!!! Your adventures are more daring and I am holding my breath, waiting for the daily trip report!

Buon compleanno a Nan (is she your sister? Or a Sister? Sorry, i forgot!)
I cannot translate from: toting...survived! I'd have understood your humorful sentences!!!

Have a great Friday...and come safe back...with fotos!

To day rain, so I can cook for the Sunday's family reunion!!!


Haley D. said...

Happy birthday, Aunt Nan! We love you!

Have a blast zip lining! You'd better get some pictures of this adventure! Be careful and have fun.

And Miles To Go... said...

oh the life! Zip lining? Have a blast! Can't wait for the pictures of that!

Barb said...

I had to google zip lining... YIKES!! Now I will worry until you post again.

Happy Birthday to Nan! And LOL - Google won't translate 'toting'! bwahahahaha!

Big hugs :)

Joy said...

Toting = carrying.
It's a southern thing.
Happy Birthday, Nan!
Sandy, y'all have a fun day! Will look forward to the pictures.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yikes, zip lining? well, okay if you say so!

smiles, bee

nan watson said...

Nice phone call from big sis with birthday wishes. Thank you and I love you.
Thank you for all the birthday wishes, Ivana, Haley, Barb and Joy.