Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 10 - Sea day

Auckland Harbour...

Sort of good news from home today...our thief has been caught! We don’t know the details of how it happened, but some items have been recovered. It was a neighbor down the road from us, who did the concrete paving for our driveway. He and his wife, both young, are in jail. Very sad, but hopefully they will get their lives straightened out.

Amy emailed two snowy pictures from home...and I am not referring to the quality of the pictures! It was snowing in Mayberry this morning...just a little, and it won’t last long...and can certainly be GONE for our Saturday night arrival back in Atlanta! Amy and Jason are bailing out and heading to warmer temps, so they’ll deliver our vehicle to Brian’s house and leave it. Our kids take very good care of us.

We changed our clocks back last night an hour, and will do the same again tonight to bring us up to Melbourne time. We dock there Wednesday night, and meet Luke on Thursday. We are really looking forward to seeing him.

This morning our dinner table got a special galley tour. We learned that the wait staff on each side of the ship has to pick up food from the kitchen from their side only. Great care is given for dietary needs and no cross cooking with items that are a no-no. Everything is made from scratch. There are even pictures of the completed plates that the waiters have to look at to make sure everything is literally picture perfect before taking them to the tables. Our waiter is very good, as is our room steward. We lucked out in getting a concierge class room...who knew? We have fresh freesias in our room here on the desk, as well as a rose in our bathroom. A free bottle of champagne and bowl of fruit awaited us upon arrival (we gave away the champagne), and the fruit is replenished when needed. And a plate of canapes is brought to our door at 4ish each day. I can get used to that! But, we haven’t had any towel animals. Suffer, we must. Life is still good!!!


HaleyD said...

You poor things. Coming back to reality is going to be a shocker- no champagne, no canapes, no turndown service... Life is still good!

Anonymous said...

Man, y'all are going to have some serious cruise withdrawals after being spoiled so rotten! LOL!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

no towel animals??? well i know how to make them so next time take me along!! ha ha

it's chilly here too. it was supposed to go to 48 but it is only 60 but still...

safe travels and i am so glad they caught your thief! what a shame because the driveway is so nice!

smiles, bee

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Glad the thieves were caught. What a shame folks have to steal. Just saying.

What a wonderful and long cruise you two have had. It seems a very long time to me, probably not to you since your doing it. I'm so glad you have the opportunity to cruise. You are right, life is good.

Have a terrific day. See you tomorrow. Big hug. :)

Joy said...

Yay for catching the thief! And for concierge class cabins - but even more for heading home!