Friday, November 28, 2008

Day 6 - Christchurch

Today’s bus tour took us to downtown Christchurch, another hilly, seaside town. First we stopped at a lovely park that represents the Canterbury Plains, but we only had time for just a few quick photos, then we were off to see another botanical garden, although there was no time to tour it, so we simply checked out the lovely stone buildings nearby housing museums, theaters, and art centers. Next we drove outside town up to an overlook for photos, but they probably won’t be worthy to post as it was mostly overcast...and WINDY, not that wind affects the pictures; we just didn’t want to stay out and get blown off the hilltop!

We did stop at Cathedral Square, where we would have enjoyed more time, but that’s the way it is with tours. Two guys were entertaining folks on their ‘giraffe’ unicycles and with their funny banter. That is what Dick (far L) is videoing in the picture above. Haley, we found your Tim Tams just off this square...hopefully they won’t arrive as ‘crumbs’ instead of cookies (biscuits). We’ll try.
Chunkygal, I love your Christmas cards!, the odds in the casino are not good (according to Dick), so he isn’t playing (and I don’t play at all)...and no, I haven’t read "Blue Latitudes," but it certainly sounds worth reading.
I have about 200 pictures from these two tour days to sort through while Snoring Beauty enjoys a nap. We leave here about 6p tonight, heading south to Dunedin where we have an early tour booked for tomorrow. Yuck, whose idea was that???
Oh yes, we were served what was supposed to be a traditional Thanksgiving dinner last night, but it was far from what would have been on my table at home! They tried. I certainly hope all of you counted your blessings...we did! Life is good!!!


HaleyD said...

We definitely counted our blessings yesterday. We enjoyed a traditional lunch @ BJ's and then an almost-traditional dinner at Amy's. It was great getting to talk to you! We're always glad to hear that all is well, and we look forward to having you back home where you belong- at least for a little while!

Anonymous said...

Snoring Beauty... who's that?


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What Lois asked.

We indeed had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Life is very good.

Have fun and enjoy your travels. Big hug. :)

Sandy B and Dick said...

Snoring Beauty is, of course, Dick...sleeping loudly, bless his heart!