Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sea day

Today and tomorrow are sea days. We love them! Here is a 'stock' picture of our stateroom...which is a pretty good rendition of our actual room. We have the beds pushed together, of course:-) No verandah on this cruise, but we do have one on the next one...

Good morning from the Tasman Sea enroute to the Coral Sea and the GBR! After sleeping in and enjoying our breakfast on the Lido deck, we attended a briefing on the Great Barrier Reef. Other talks will be given about our ports-of-call and shore excursions. We discovered too late that there was a digital workshop, so we’ll try to see if this is offered again at some point. With our RCI ‘gold member’ status, we get to attend the wine tasting this afternoon for free ($11.45 each normally), and they offer other perks for us, such as $5 credit times two for our internet fee! Now you’re talking!!! Unfortunately, this is an older ship and there is NO wireless in the staterooms. I’ll have to take the puter to one of the public hot spots. Bummer, but better than not having it.

Yes, Sandee Comedy Plus, I saw your wave as we passed over CA...WillThink4Wine, have fun in Boston. Will you see MaggieMoo? Bee, Charlie...wish y’all were here! Along with all our kids...sure miss y’all!!!

Sydney is sooo litter to speak of, no graffiti. We saw a City Park Ranger and chatted with him, and Dick commented that he was impressed with how clean the city is, etc., and one of his jobs is to ticket anyone throwing a ciggy butt on the sidewalk, parking tickets, etc. We both said in unison, ‘a meter maid!’ He had a great sense of humor, oops, make that humour! They drive on the left here, which also means that escalators are the reverse of ours; they walk on the left...takes some getting used to. But we are managing.

I forgot to mention that after we walked around the Sydney Tower, we did the Oz-tour, which was an interesting Cyclorama-style look at the whole continent where we sat in seats that rotated to four different dioramas of the terrain around Australia. Worth seeing. We then moved to a different room where were strapped in seats that were Disneyish...there were 180 degree screens up front for viewing as we ‘flew’ around the country.

Amy, thanks for the pics of the boys...adorable! I know they both slept well after all that playing. Brian, hope our kitties are behaving...they are also on the we-miss-list! Don’t forget to bring in the mail:-)

Phone service is spotty, so I’m gonna turn it off for now after charging it. That’s our day today. Life is good...hope yours is, too!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oboy oboy oboy! lucky ducks! what a wonderful trip y'all have!

but one more week and we shall be on the splendor (without a u, thank you very much! ha ha)

how is the cake???

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

the cabin looks great, life is tough but someone has to do it, right...

WillThink4Wine said...

Wow. I am so jealous! It sounds fabulous! And of course, that's because it is!

chunkygal said...

i love sea days!!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Sea days are awesome. Enjoy. I'm glad you saw my wave. Have fun at the wine tasting. My kind of fun. Big hug. :)